• In the era of information, education is more important than ever

    Proper education is the foundation on which a healthy and sustainable society thrives. Without proper education, and access to that education by all, we get opposition to facts. And with opposition towards facts, comes ideologies like that of the GOP, or even the KKK and Neo Nazis, and give us results like Trump. Bad parenting and poor education are largely to blame for these outcomes. Unfortunately, facts don't mean shit to an alarming number of people who'd rather listen to those who appeal to their emotions and fear rather than logic and reason. This is what poor education does. People will thank gawd for their family member recovering from surgery, not the doctors who saved them. Just like many of those same types of people will dismiss science backing global warming yet embrace science that benefits them personally, like that which created phones, cars, medicine, etc. So long as it benefits them personally, that science is ok with them, whether it's fact or fiction. That's what poor education does. In a world of countless scientific adcancements, willful ignorance has no place. Hell, i was lucky enough to attend one of the best schools in my state, and I'm still shocked at some of the people that graduated from there and turned out just like any other willfully ignorant denier of facts. It's really, really sad, let alone frustrating and irritating.

  • Because kids need a life...

    Kids need to play and have have fun live a little. But the way this economy is kids must have an education. I think that we should start school when we are at lest 14-15. All you learn in the grades leading up to high school is how to be respectful and responsible. It's not important! - Kelsi

  • Cause no one like it

    School is for chumps. Don't be a chump. We don't need school. I hate school. I hate all the teachers and all the students. I literally just wrote this for fun to destroy the perfect 100% score. You are very welcome. I hate how we need 50 words in order to make a comment.

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emino says2017-11-12T17:32:54.207
Education makes a person a perfect human . (simple as that)
WideeMaryann says2017-12-19T21:00:10.067
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