Why female teacher allow to teach male students but male teacher not allowed to teach female students?

Asked by: Frhn
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  • That's not true though?

    Male teachers are allowed to teach female students? Where have you heard otherwise. There are co-ed classes in my country with lots of male teachers teaching female students. Also male tutors teaching female students 1 on 1. As long as the teacher doesn't have a history of doing anything inappropriate with their students than it's fine.

  • What Huh What?

    I would like to argue this but like the prior opinion statement I don't really understand the question. Additionally, This is not phrased in a way that is asking a "Yes or No" like it is supposed to. This could maybe be a forum or phrased a little different it could be a debate challenge. To answer the question though I am not aware of this being an issue anywhere I have heard so the Frhn needs to elaborate and/or ask in a way that is a "yes" or a "no".

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