• Girls should be able to play sports with boys

    They should be able because a girl is just as good as boys. Some boys think that they are better than girls but, they are not they only have to protect us from bad people. Another reason is that just because they have different genders does not mean anything. That's why I think a girl should be able to play sports with boys.

  • Female athletes should be able to play with boys.

    Girls should play with boys because we all equal and we learned to play with boys growing up for PE in schools and maybe friends and family. They taught us that girls can play with boys. We girls can be more stronger and we can learn more and play like boys would. It can change things and it would be better we will all be equal and not be seperated and this is like segragration because we are dividing our genders. (sorry for my bad grammer)

  • No gender is better than the other. Girls can do whatever boys can. Just because are maybe stronger doesn't mean girls can't.

    Boys think they are so great, well I don't think so. I think all genders have their differences, but I think both are great. If boys think they are better let them think that. Everybody has different opinions, and this one is mine. People can't judge a gender that is just sexist. Sexist means that someone thinks that one gender is really bad. Also everybody is different and there is no changing that.

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  • Girls should be able to play on boy sport teams

    I think girls should be able to play on boy sport teams because girls and boys both have different sport abilities and together they can make a great team. Girls have strength and boys tend to say that girls are weak but girls don't try to show off there muscles as much as boys. I think that of a girl was working on a co-ed team that they would learn to be more competitive and aggressive.

  • Yes girls should be able to play on boys sport team.

    Girls will be more aggressive and learn to be more competitive and will kick the boys to the curb. Girls and boys and both equal and should not be stereotyped because girls have different abilities that they are better at and boys have different abilities they are better at. That it my comment.

  • Yes, girls be play on boys sport teams.

    Girls will learn to be more aggressive and competitive in these sports. They will also learn to socialize with the opposite gender. Girls should not be stereotyped as weak and not as strong as boys. Girls have different qualities and abilities that men do not have. Sports teams should have both genders, and be equal and fair.

  • Yes, girls should play sports with boys.

    Especially in the earlier school age years. It'll improve a girls' self image and improve their skills, and also help teach boys and girls to cooperate or to compete on an equal playing field. It removes the stigma that girls can compete with boys on the same level, and it will also teach the boys how to stand while getting their butts kicked by girls.

  • Girls should play on boy sports teams.

    How are we supposed to play with the boys if they don't give us a chance. Girls are underestimated because of their gender. We are just as good as boys. God even said that we are all equal. You can't judge a book by its cover. We as girls feel left out.

  • Is There Double Standards???

    If boys play on girls tennis teams, girls lacrosse teams, girls volleyball teams, and girls swimming teams, WHY cant girls play a sport they love......Because someone labeled it a "Male" sport. This is crazy!!!!!!
    Muscle isn't everything. In many ways girls are stronger than boys. In team building, practice consistency, and get this, Girls are more competitive than boys in most sports!!!! Playing with boys would make females push themselves ore and become better athletes. Girls get hurt either way in any sport. So why not get hurt doing something you love????

  • What happens when a girl gets hurt?

    Sometimes boys play rough, and someone gets hurt. What happens when the person that gets hurt is a girl? Will the boy get penalized more? Will boys play "nice" in order to avoid hurting a female player? I'm for equality, but is it fair to put boys in that kind of position?

  • Difference in physiology

    I am high school football football player, there is a female player in our conference, she is a kicker, there was a mishandled snap when we played this team. She ended up with the ball. I did what I would normally do and I hit her. It was a big hit and I had accidentally broken three of her ribs, I was almost suspend for three games for unnecessary roughness, I was acquitted because it was a clean hit. If it would have been a male kicker it would have just been called a good hit, but since it was a female it was considered dirty.

  • In some cases, but not in most.

    I want equal rights for women as much as the next person, but there are some things that women are just not as good at. We do not have the same lung capacity and muscle mass of the average man. Male sports should be separated from female sports so that we can all be competitive.

  • Girls should not be able to play with boys in sport

    Girls should not be able to play with boys in sports. This is because of the fact that the physical constitution of females is entirely different than males. It would not be fair for the girls because of this. The girls would also be at risk. Girls should play in female-only leagues.

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