• There is so much evidence

    Everything with a beginning requires a cause. The universe has a beginning and therefore requires a cause. That cause is God.The living creatures of this world clearly exhibit design. Therefore, they must have a designer. And that designer is God.Ing creatures have irreducible complexity. All their essential parts must be in place at the same time, or the organism dies. So God must have created these parts all at the same time. A gradual evolutionary path simply will not work.DNA has information in it—the instructions to form a living being. And information never comes about by chance; it always comes from a mind. So DNA proves that God created the first creatures.

  • God exists for sure

    Because if the atoms exploded and created the world, then where did the atoms come from? This means something had to create the atoms to create the big bang, even though i don't believe in the big bang. God is the creator. "in the beginning, god created the world", at least i think that's how the line goes...

  • God exist because who else could have created the earth.

    Who else could have made the earth. All of the details in all life is so advanced. People say evolution is real then why don’t they give me a example of macro evolution in progress right now. Evolution is saying if I were to trough cars in the air they would all land on top of each other. There is so much evidence besides the Bible. They found scrolls of the original bible.

  • Yes, God does exist

    First, let me introduce a little about my self. I am a 14 year old boy, and I am a Catholic Christian. Throughout studying, I have found much more evidence for there to be a God, then rather not be. In order to condemn Christianity completely false, you would have to prove every miracle, creation, etc. can be backed up 100% by science. Even many scientist believe there is a much bigger chance of their being a God then there to not be one. Look it up. Also, if there was not a God, the world would be confusing. Take this for example, if the universe was just 1/1000 centimeters different when about to explode (Big Bang Theory), the world would not be able to sustain life. How was it the exact right size? Because of God.

  • Yes god exits

    Every person would agree that for planets to host life there should be specific and finely tuned conditions. Science studies how the world is formed and is trying to understand how the world formed. An explosion caused they formation a galaxy, but science does not answer how that star formed.
    Bible is not about how the GOD created world, but Bible is about how you should be. It is for you to walk in the right direction and tells you to believe in GOD even in worst situation of life.

  • My belief in God

    I believe that there is a God, and that he is all powerful (deist). What I find most non-Christians don't understand, is that he is not necessarily physical. I am not a Christian literal, and take God as a "spirit" of goodness itself. For example, in Genesis, I believe that it is introducing the creation, of human beings learning more about the world around us, and experiencing new things. When Adam and Eve (representing us) bite into the apple (representing knowledge of wrong / evil), it represents all the mistakes we do every day. When we do this, people around us, and ourselves, are shocked. Much a like how "God" was. Yet we all moved on, God forgave, and helped man through the consequences. Each day we might make wrong decisions. There will be consequences, but people will try to help us. A closed-minded person may say "But God was cruel by making man have to survive with thorns and prickles". But this is only a metaphor of life. If you were to make a small mistake, like spilling your coffee, you will have the consequence of being burnt, and having your clothes stained. But as good people, who look up to the example of Jesus, we should help you, and make that consequence easier for you.
    I believe that revelations is happening at the moment, and that Christians are fighting evil every day, in order to make the world that great place.
    I also believe that heaven and hell are a representation of how well you have lived your own life. If there is a physical heaven then great (not so much for hell... Heh).
    I hope that you all understood my point, as it is quite a lot to take in. For help understanding my method, the most similar theory I can think of at the moment is the 5 minute theory.

  • Absolutely no objective evidence points towards the christian god existing.

    The big bang explains the creation of things.
    Evolution explains the creation of life.
    The biggest flaw of faith is that it inherently relies on little to no evidence, and this evidence is certainly not objective. Therefore, there is no reason for me to believe god exists, especially not the christian one.

  • There is no solid evidence.

    There is literally no solid evidence of this, and there is evidence of the Big Bang theory, so why do people still believe in God? The idea of it was created when we did not have Science, but now we do, so why do we still believe in this stuff?

  • Aquinas? Really? LMAO.

    Look, if you're going to employ the First Causer argument, why not substitute the Big Bang for God instead? I am inclined to agree with SkySky16. Besides, taking a look at the argument from a deist viewpoint, what evidence is there to say that if, a deity really created the world, is still actively influencing anything that happens in it?

  • God is an invented concept.

    The only reason we think that God exists is because someone, a very very long time invented its concept. Have you seen God? Have you talked to God? Where does he live? Can you tell me? If you can't answer these questions, then God isn't real. If you don't have evidence, then it can't be proved. God is a myth. There is no force controlling everything. God cannot protect you. If he could protect people, the world would be a happy happy place. People have been brainwashed into "feeling and believing" this "God". Even my family members are so obsessed with this concept. My mom fasts on Thursdays and does some type of ritual pooja everyday. Why? Why do everything if nothing at all exists? People only think God exists because someone invented its concept. It isn't real.

  • God does not exist at all.

    A) The Big Bang.
    Firstly, the Big Bang was not an explosion. No particles of matter suddenly burst from some kind of starting point. Rather, space *itself* expanded at an incredible rate (faster than the speed of light, which it can do because it's not matter, energy or information). Secondly, even if we don't know what happened before that point, that does NOT mean that we should believe that a supernatural being caused it.

    B) "Fine-tuning" of the Universe & Abiogenesis.
    The universe is not fine-tuned to produce human beings. Rather, the exact opposite is true. Life as we know it emerged through abiogenesis - the formation of organic compounds that lifeforms both in the past, and today, use to reproduce. The only thing that is required for abiogenesis to occur is the formation of materials that, perhaps with a little help from other materials, can replicate themselves. This could happen with a diverse range of starting conditions and physical laws.

    In short, life *as we know it* definitely could not have come about if this universe wasn't the way it is. However, *life itself* could still have. Even if abiogenesis didn't occur, we would not be here to realize that.

    C) Evolution & Natural Selection.
    Evolution suggests that, since the aforementioned replication processes were imperfect, populations of a given species could change over time. Natural selection then suggests that certain specimen would have a higher chance of surviving due to beneficial mutations. Therefore, despite their rarity, beneficial mutations would be passed down to future generations much more so than negative mutations. This is not the full story of evolution, but it shows how human beings could emerge, eventually, from single- and multi-cellular organisms.

    D) The coup de grâce.
    Religion is based on "faith" - trust in the set of beliefs belonging to a specific religion (mainly Christianity in the Western world, although others exist). The problem with this is that it is not based on evidence. For someone to have "faith" that God exists, they don't have to be shown proof of his existence.

    Faith is without reason. It is illogical to believe that a God exists, despite the lack of evidence, and the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It also requires faith to do so.

    Religion - at least Christianity - is nothing but a scam concocted by people in the distant past to put others under their control. It's time we moved away from such things, towards a future where we, as a society, use reasoning and evidence as tools to aid in our the understanding of the universe.

    E) Addendum.
    I'd like to note that, by definition, a theory has a lot of scrutinized, peer-reviewed evidence for it. For example, the theory of abiogenesis. Scientists have been able to form organic compounds from simulations of early Earth-like conditions. Therefore, it makes no sense to suggest that, say, "evolution is just a theory", because being a "theory" as opposed to just a "hypothesis" is a huge deal.

  • No god ...

    " Absence of evidence is the evidence of absence "...
    The complex design of humans and other living organisms are the results of continuous evolution that took place on earth for millions of years...Science tells that big bang created from nothing..And after big bang matter and antimatter created.So if we react matter and antimatter high energy is released and nothing will be left behind..So why can't the universe be created from nothing? Think..

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