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  • Answer quickly now

    The government needs to control education so that standards and effective teaching is accomplished. This issue is best left to the state and local governments because they have the most intimate and best knowledge about the schools they are working with. The federal government tends to mess things up in schools, Though. . Government should Assess students in a variety of ways and develop strategies for improving the level of student achievement. Focused Professional development

  • School choice is freedom

    Our country's principals were based on freedom. If we take away the freedom of teacher to teach what they want then how are we better than how Britain was treating us? If teachers can not pick their own materials, Then how can we expect students to come out as individuals and not conformed to those beliefs that are pushed in the history books. When given common core, There is no room to allow students to be creative and to grow in the problem solving part of life. The students are pushed so hard to memorize and learn things that they will never use, Just because someone 60 year old man with no children decided. There are many things that students need to know before they graduate and are never taught them because of the intensity that put on them by the government. Schools should have a choice on what they cover. There is virtually no reason for the government to control the curriculum. On top of that, There is that fact that many Americans live in very different temperatures. Some live in the hot and humid heat of Florida, Where they need to learn how to deal with dehydration and the heat. Then we have American children living in Alaska where they need to learn how to deal with the cold. If any of those children have absentee parents, Then they need the schools to teach them basic nature skills. We need to protect what we have fought for, And that is freedom. Freedom for speech. Freedom for all races. Freedom for schools.

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