Why (green) or Why don't you (red) believe in an Abrahamic Faith? i.e. Judaism, Islam, Christianity.

Asked by: o0jeannie0o
  • I don't belive, I know

    I know in my religon (Judaism) because it just makes sense. With out it, there is no substantral explantion to life, creation, ect,. Why?
    - It has the Bible, and the Talmud, which, when you understand it, leads you to become a good person (ex: being generous, being friendly, nice)
    - It is healthy metally (once a week having family bonding time at a candle lit dinner with no distractions, taking time 3 times a day to be thankful for what we have, remembering eveyday the good that was done to us thousands of years ago, ect,.)
    - It allows interacting with the non-Jewish wold
    - teaching us it's okay to be different, and to be proud of it
    - and so much more

  • A million reasons. Few of them are given below-

    Torah, Bible and Koran clearly mentions that Abraham as one of the Ideal followers of Lord.
    Abraham clearly warned mankind that the true God is unseen and forbade mankind from making any image/body or entity of the Lord who is beyond the intellectual capacity of mankind’s imagination till the veil is lifted in the last hour, who has created the creation including angels to glorify thee, who does everything by His will and nothing is impossible for him, the one who knows the unseen & unknown, created Adam from mud, created Satan(Alien) from smokeless flame of fire, does not require men, their worship or their gold for his sustenance, has no family, no enemy, no equal, doesn’t require food or water or sleep ,Lord & bringer of Judgement Day and resurrection, has sent messengers before and after Abraham including Noah and his ark. This Ark will remain intact on its location till the Last Day as a warning for mankind to remember that severe torment awaits anyone and everyone who doesn’t follow the right path, the Ark’s location is given below.

    The exact co-ordinates are 37 degrees, 21 minutes N., and 42 degrees, 17 minutes E.
    Please check the site below-

    In Bible, Noah’s Ark rests on Mount Ararat
    In Koran, Noah’s Ark rests on Mount Judi.
    Recent research has proved that Mount Ararat and Mount Judi is the same mountain (Cudi Dagh) that is located in southern Turkish border with Iraq and Syria close to the city of Mosul.
    Followers of Abrahamic Faith believe in Noah's Ark. If we add just the Christians and Muslims from the array of religions that follow Abrahamic Faith, it is more than 55% of world population and this alone tilts the table in favor of believers of Noah's ark. Now, if we add to this list a few more religions that follow Abrahamic Faith, say Judaism and Baha'i, I don't think even a giant arc full of Alien population denying Noah's Ark could influence enough to turn the odds...

  • Study of religions

    I have studied many faiths and have listened to many arguments against Christianity and faith. The conclusion I have come to believe that it is because of religious dogma and personal church agenda that what is preached in churches falls short of the truth and makes so many things seem contradictory and unbelievable. When looked upon in the context of the Bible and its time frame nothing is truly in conflict and I find it truly funny that in light of the fact that even if you do not believe in the miraculous-ness of it that so many are offended by it when there is nothing in it that is wrong/would not steer you on a bad path in anyway but success.

  • I follow the evidence

    Started as christian, then I studied may way out of christianity and it led me to Judaism. I'm a non Jew, but i kind of half believe in Judaism, and half believe in just deism. So i'm technically a Noahide, deist. My quest for evidence led me to believe that if any of the established religions are correct, it is Judaism. And if not, i can conclude there is a God, but he has not given us any laws or answers yet.

  • After studies It simply does not make sense.

    It is full of holes that cant be filled with "have faith" or "god is mysterious". There are bad teachings and no one knows which is right. Worse is you must believe you are bad and deserve punishment to be saved. You cant be born without beng a sinner (sins from father), you accept that you should be going to hell if not for "redemption" or "jesus sacrifice" and thank whomever for taking your punishment for you simply so you can avoid punishment. I have a particular hatred for Christianity. Those who follow the bible in full are nuts, thouse who follow some of it are 'terrable' Christians who morph their religion, and the ones who just say "jesus is lord" ad forget the bible have no basis for why they even consider Jesus as real.... UGH

  • Gods don't exist.

    I was once a Christian till I realized the fatal flaws to the belief of a god.
    Logical argument:
    All gods claim to have supernatural powers that affect humans. If the god was responsible for an affect then all who benefit from the affect would acknowledge the god's supernatural power.
    Example A: According to Greek mythology, Prometheus gave man fire. If he was the only way mankind could have gained fire then all mankind would acknowledged him for it. Seeing that man discovered fire around the world without the aid of Prometheus proves that it must be a myth.
    Example B: According to the Christian faith, their god created mankind. Further there are two points in biblical history when all mankind would have believed in the one god. Obviously Adam and Eve knew there was only the one god and later, Noah and his family would have all worshiped the one god. Clearly if you knew for a fact that the one god is real, you would pass this on to all of your offspring. They would do the same with their kids and so on making all mankind aware of the one god. Thing is, outside the origins of the Abrahamic faith, nobody ever heard of the god before word traveled. Clearly if the one god is not known as the creator in all peoples ancient history then it could not be the creator at all.
    As you can see, the simple known fact that hundreds of gods have been believed in proves that none of them are real.

    I also have a physical argument if you would like to hear it but basically it shows that the absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

  • It's so... Illogical...

    None of it makes any sense whatsoever if you actually look at it as a whole. Who could possibly believe stuff like a virgin birth or rising from the dead three days after dying? I also despise the idea that everyone is born a sinner. Inheriting sin is like being grounded for something an older sibling did before you were even born. It's also pretty immoral. You can do whatever you want, just so long as you accept an imaginary friend into your heart. That kind of stuff turned me from an atheist, to an antitheist.

  • Too many assumptions and too poor writing.

    Firstly, let’s say there were an incorporeal dimension. It is highly unlikely that this dimensions rules would be according to anything here on earth, including our imaginations.
    Then, let’s say that everything in those books were true. Hurray, God is an ill-tempered psycho (all cases). I would volunteer for a heavenly revolution.
    All three proclaim to be monotheistic, but they seem more dualistic, good and evil takes such a big part.

  • Dogma is inflexible.

    I've posted my opinion in a huge forum post some time ago. I'll condense it into an opinions answer.

    Firstly, dogma is inflexible. Even if the faith itself is good, dogmatism makes it bad.

    '[...] Zi Mo holds a medium between these [Yangism and Mohism]. By holding that medium, he is nearer the right. But by holding it without leaving room for the exigency of circumstances, it becomes like their holding their one point. The reason why I hate that holding to one point is the injury it does to the way of right principle. It takes up one point and disregards a hundred others.' (Mencius 13.26)

    Secondly, these religions are commanding people to follow the rules of morality instead of developing their innate natures to do good, yet the latter is more important. Only by letting people understand can they develop their innate benevolence, righteousness, propriety and wisdom. Without this understanding, they are merely robots. It is like enforcing very strict laws with harsh punishments to control the people (only the law is replaced by heaven and hell)... It may work in the short run, but it cannot really create a civilisation that understands the rules of morality.

    By extension, the type of self-control that religious dogma teaches is harmful in my opinion. People are to suppress their desires, instead of cultivating their virtues to override them. We all have our hearts, which houses our principles of benevolence, righteousness, propriety and wisdom. If we develop these principles sufficiently, they will not be overriden by our animal desires.

    As explained in Mencius 11.15:
    Mencius answered, 'The senses of hearing and seeing [NB: represent desires; 'seeing' beauty, 'hearing' good music] do not think, and are obscured by external things. When one thing comes into contact with another, as a matter of course it leads it away. To the mind [NB: it actually says 'heart' but Legge translated it as 'mind' - which is more scientific when you come to think of it] belongs the office of thinking. By thinking, it gets the right view of things; by neglecting to think, it fails to do this. These - the senses and the mind - are what Heaven has given to us. Let a man first stand fast in the supremacy of the nobler part [ie heart/mind] of his constitution, and the inferior part [ie desires] will not be able to take it from him. It is simply this which makes the great man.'

  • Abrahamic religions feel the least comfortable to me.

    Personally, I never understood Abrahamic religions. They preach of this all-knowing , wise god who loves humanity yet their main books- The Bible and the Qur'an which to me, have many violent and illogical verses and stories. I don't think that its right to belittle someone because they are different then you are. I feel like that is what (many) followers of these religions are doing and they are using their religions as excuses to judge others though this is definitely not all adherents to these faiths.
    I also don't agree with the many set rules the Abrahamic religions give. Most people, don't even follow all of those rules because these religions have so many teachings that it is even hard to follow 10 of them.
    However I think we as human beings have the right to believe in anything we want. If following Judaism, Christianity or Islam suits you, that is great. I think that it is good that there was something which pulled you to follow one of these faiths. Diversity is lovely, and it shouldn't matter whatever religion you adhere to :)

  • No proof, no sense.

    I never had a religion. All of them are fake, and a common cause of war.

    "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, not willing? Then he is not omnibenevolent.
    Is he both able and willing? Then from whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"

    Being an atheist doesn't define whether or not you're a nice person. I don't believe in a fictitious, magical guy in the sky, but I'm not going to violently assault anyone in the street. I couldn't hurt a fly.
    Morals do not come from religion either; many of us are taught the difference between right and wrong from an early age. It is wrong to kill people (which many people do in the name of their "peaceful" religion), but it is right to say "please" and "thank you". That's basic, universal knowledge.

    In addition to this, I would like to point out the the Bible (as well as number of other faiths) promote homophobia, incest, rape, and a number of other "wrong" things. It's also worth looking at the logic and evidence; many religious scripts are thousands of years old. No one could possibly know for sure who wrote them; none of us were alive back then. In all seriousness, the Bible could've been written by a church, or a random man.
    Where is the recent, modern evidence? Atheism has the theory of evolution and science. Where was God in WW1 & WW2? Why hasn't he saved those in poverty? If we all came from Adam and Eve then are we all in-bred? How did different races comes about? Why does God condemn different types of love?
    Homosexual and bisexuality are part of nature; they've existed for years, both in humans and in animals. There's a whole wikipedia article on it, with studies involving zoo animals and observations and the like. (Two male penguins decided to adopt an egg together, I believe. That's quite cute). Some species can even change their gender completely e.g. the Clownfish, and male seahorses carry their offspring.

    In short, religion was needed to explain things. For instance, back then we didn't know how rainbows were made. We attributed it to a mystical being, when now we know that rainbows are produced through the bending of light when it rains. Science has taught us that.

    Here's another story. I promise you it is true; it is the reason my parents are atheists. A friend of our family is the nicest man you could ever meet, yet he has lost his brother to cancer, his father to alzheimer's, and his mother to a coma. Why would an all-loving God do such a thing to someone so kind, whilst simultaneously allowing many murderers and rapists to live?

    Maybe it's just me, but that doesn't make an ounce of sense.

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