• Because Meat is Delcious

    Meat is a healthy part of any active persons lifestyle. Proteins, essential fats, minerals, all important parts of the human diet, from a single delicious food group. If you want a villain to go after meat isn't it; look at all the processed garbage in your diet and sugary sauces coating most food.

  • If you mean badass, then yes.

    I kid, I kid.

    When done properly, someone becoming vegan for the first time can gain the support of new friends by joining groups and meet ups to get their psychological needs met, learn fun and traditionally vegan recipes from the far east, try out fragrant and enticingly new bath and body products and so on.

    When done right, veganism can be a physical and mental renewal for those that want it.

  • No, But it does Carry Added Responsibility.

    Being a vegan is actually a healthy, environmentally aware lifestyle, but it does require that a person pay added attention to one's nutrition, otherwise the results can be negative on one's health. Body tissue can be lost, and nutritional levels can drop to levels that cause unhealthy outcomes. It's not as simple as not eating meat; a vegan must be very careful to get proper nourishment.

  • I bet the cows vote no!

    No it's not a bad lifestyle. While getting easier, it is a difficult lifestyle but not bad at all. Meat and animal products are dirty and unnatural. Being vegan is better for our body and the environment. It isn't easy to be vegan because of our massive dependence on animal products. Try it for a week! Read every label, find the hidden ingredients that are animal based, it's not easy. If more people demanded fresh natural food it would be easier and more readily available.

  • Veganism itself won't kill you as long as you eat right.

    A vegan lifestyle isn't for everybody, but I haven't seen any evidence that it will kill you as long as you get all the necessary nutrients your body needs to survive. If you don't get the right ingredients it can be a problem, but veganism itself won't kill you as long as you eat right.

  • No, there is nothing wrong with being a vegan.

    A vegan lifestyle is fine and is something of which a dedicated advocate should be proud. There is nothing wrong with maintaining a meatless diet. There are some health benefits by not consuming a great amount of fat in one's diet. If you are a vegan, be proud of your chosen diet and stick with it.

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