Why is facebook allowing conspiracy theorists to circulate holocaust denial?

Asked by: ilovejews7
  • Because freedom of speech.

    While I don't support neo-nazism, I do support freedom of speech. I am staunchly against censorship and I believe that everyone should have the right to express their opinions however wrong they may be. Anyone else on facebook then has the right to challenge what they are saying, disprove it, then move on with their lives. Or they could just not read it. That would work too.

  • Facebook won't take it down

    Facebook will only take down 18+ or illegal content. The ridiculous theories are not 18+ or illegal and taking them down will have to much backlash. Plus it makes Facebook money and any smart person can see through this stupid theory. Also I would suggest putting this on a site like yahoo answers, this is more of a question not a debate.

  • Freedom of speech, fam

    Truth does not need censorship to prove it's true, so why would you need to censor valid historical inquiries? Yes, valid. One is perfectly within reason to question anything and everything, particularly history. If you've got compelling evidence, share it with the people spreading the stories that hurt your feels.

  • Why are holocaust denial conspiracy theories so prevalent on facebook? Why is facebook ignoring such dangerous hateful rhetoric?

    It seems facebook is complicit of creating neo nazis. There is a plethora of holocaust denial theories floating around facebook, as if facebook condones such ignorant theories. Facebook has done little to quell such rhetoric from poisoning young minds, possibly creating a new generation of neo nazis. Why is facebook ignoring it? Why are jewish civil rights groups so silent about such dangerous rhetoric, possibly endangering their community? I think facebook should be publically accountable for ignoring such hateful and destructive rhetoric. If facebook can denounce live stream violence, why cant it denouce what seems to be modern neo nazi recruitment? I think it is deplorable that such fascist rhetoric is as common as Ed Sheeran. Excuse my unedited grammar and sentence structure and incorrect punctuation

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Gareth_BM says2017-05-25T21:02:37.227
Firstly, that is not a yes or no question. Secondly freedom of speech includes the right to say stupid and immoral things, if you only have the right to say something we agree with its not freedom of speech only the freedom to agree with you. Thirdly, people have their own brains, if they're stupid enough to believe a crackpot theory that's their problem not face book's. Thirdly Facebook is not accountable for the things people use it to say, the people who say them are, if I sent you a letter calling you an asshole that's my problem not the royal mail's.