Why is ISIS so mad? If you know why, then tell me what they are doing to help?

Asked by: Dumy15
  • It's mostly about religion.

    Yeah, I know, war and such is always about religion. But, to help you, I think this page will come in handy. It's pretty long, and might take a while to read through, but it's pretty good, and I'm just trying to get to 50 words so that I can post this reply. Here's the page:


  • They kill people just for fun!!

    They just killed about 200 people in Paris. They also killed a Japanies repoter. They are just total dumbass manics I can't think of anything to say, or else I am going to use bad words. In the case, they are just total morons that kill people for fun. F##K

  • Isis believe in the Shariah Law and all other religions are false.

    Isis believe that their religion is only right. They are also muslim extremists that believe that everyone that isn't a Muslim should be killed. They believe in the Shariah Law and anyone (including other muslims) that don't adhere to their beliefs should be killed. However, they also appear to be creating their own laws and do basically the opposite to the Islam Bible. For example, they rape women, behead people, crucify people, burn people alive and have their own Yazidi sex slave market. They are sexist, barbaric monsters that enjoy what they do. They even post executions on social media and blow themselves up.

  • Its Revenge Because

    Isis feels that we are bullies. The killing of innocent woman and children they are tired of. So they are retaliating it seems. I watched this video, it is disturbing but now I see why they are so mad. Honestly I wish all the killing , wars, hate crimes would all stop. They are wrong for what they do, but on the other hand why are we killing people too?


    Just my thoughts.

  • Yes they are mad.

    Mad in a way.
    ISIS is very clever they seek out the disenfranchised and others with no future or a job.
    They give them guns and girls and authority over others.
    Of course this works and is hard to fight.
    In arab countries these kids are sitting around with no job no future and no girls.
    This is bad combination any which way one looks at it.
    It is all to easy to see there effective propaganda in action.
    Give these kids guns girls and authority over people and watch what they will do.
    Make no mistake ISIS must be crushed but only by a long term strategy and a real coalition of nations which must include sunni

  • Yeah no. Don't buy it

    If its not religion then truth is no one has any idea why they're so mad @ the world & even the millions of the "peaceful majority" of Muslims around the world have failed to explain, let alone stand up against the violence & actually speak to & defend the peace & non violence the Quran supposedly preaches

  • Its about different perpectives

    Death sentences of innocent people by the government of a country, military intervention by super-power nations to "IMPROVE"the conditions of a country, all are just anecdotes to what ISIS is doing*.

    Politics was all about leaders and money, until ISIS intervened. Now everyone cares about security and lives of the citizens, atleast pretending to*.

    **This is just for argument sake,

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