• Government is evil.

    Democracy is imposable. Democracy can not exist when there is patriotism. Disobedience is the basses of a functioning democracy and government inherently destroys that. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance when you have a culture that is very patriotic and the point of the patriotism is that your country is free and saying it's not free is the most unpatriotic thing you can say vigilance is imposable.

  • In many countries of the world, The restriction of freedom is still a reality.

    Religious freedom is the most restricted in a larger number of countries.
    A study conducted by the Pew Research Center, A think tank based in Washington DC, 200 countries, Looked at point by point, Whether countries exercise restrictions on the religious practice of all or some of its inhabitants.
    Among other findings, The study reveals that Egypt, China, Iran, And Russia take the lead in government persecution. Syria, Nigeria, Iraq, And India occupy the top posts in social harassment of religious groups. Another of the conclusions is that harassment of Christians occurs in 128 of the 198 countries.
    In large areas, The worst government and social restrictions have been found in Muslim-majority regions such as North Africa. The study also shows that compared to previous years, Where both types of harassment – governmental and social worsened was in sub-Saharan Africa. In this region and Europe, Social hostilities towards Muslims have increased considerably in recent years.
    The existence and extent of hate crimes, The presence of wars or religious-based terrorist groups, Or the harassment of women by their dress are some of the 17 variables that have been verified to measure social pressures against religion or a particular religion.

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