Why is The KKK currently Legal but ISIS is outlawed as a Terrorist Organization? Shouldn't The KKK and ISIS both be discontinued ?

Asked by: otogun
  • Freedon of speech, not from the consequences of that speech.

    The KKK makes people feel unsafe, ISIS makes people feel unsafe. If a man on the street where to preach hate and threats to your face you could charge them. Why should a religious group get freedom simply because they are american and not singled out. Its ridiculous to defend it.

  • Why undo one wrong and not all?

    Both Hate groups are classified as Terrorist Organization at one point of their existence so why is only ISIS being outlawed. Shouldn't both organizations be discontinued instead of only one. Speaking on my behalf I personally think anyone that chooses to murder or punish someone that looks or believes in something different should be automatically arrested and no longer be a free person.

  • Not the same

    One practices free speech, the other commits murders. When it's a matter of free speech, banning what some don't like is a very dangerous path. Unfortunately, there are too many non-thinkers these days, who don't seem capable of comprehending the consequences of what they demand. If you want to live in that type of environment, there are other countries you should seriously consider moving to. It's doubtful the local population living in it and wishing for freedom would like you, but the resident dictator would absolutely love you.

  • This is a terrible comparison

    The KKK is not anything like ISIS. The KKK is not a terrorist organization. Just because they have a different and unpopular opinion of people doesn't classify them as terrorist. If we dismantle the KKK, why not dismantle all hate groups; like the NAACP or the Black panthers. Freedom of Speech is important part of American society and should be protected.

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difference says2015-07-12T00:20:14.733
Is the KKK even legal?