• ISIS means Muslims Funded Group

    Many Research have been conducted by many of the Centers around the World.Just,few minutes back i have been reading the Pew Research Center and Sunday Express Research and the Common thing is that they are Supported by Almost all Muslims nations.ISIS is the Richest Terrorist Group because Saudi Arabia,Afgansitan,Turkey etc...Are Importing Oil from ISIS and these Countries give Much higher rates to the ISIS millitants

  • ISIS disgraces Islam

    The vast majority of Muslims would reject every claim ISIS makes about Islam, and the vast majority of ISIS terrorism kills people in the Middle East. They fight Muslims and execute Muslim dissidents. They are barely Muslim and the only people who support them in Muslim countries are criminals looking to make a buck.

  • Not true at all.

    The vast majority of people ISIS fights are Muslim, the vast majority of people ISIS kills are Muslims, the vast majority of the fight against ISIS is coming from Muslims. ISIS has practically no favour in Muslim countries, even Al Qaeda hates them. How in God's name are Muslim countries supporting ISIS? In fact, the exact opposite is occurring.

  • You have some problems with this.

    Well, aside from it (and your poll) being completely misworded as a question, you have issues here.

    Lets start with "nations supporting ISIL". That would be zero. There just are no nations that are supporting them. There are individuals of many nations supporting ISIL. There are buyers of black market oil that are supporting them. There are no nations, get it?

    To the point of oil. You said "countries giving much higher rates". Well, first, the black market oils sells for about 1/2 the market rate. The buyers are getting the good deal, not ISIL. Further, these again are NOT nations buying the oil, they are brokers working the black market.

    Lastly, you must understand the primary division of Islam that is the motivator here. Sunnis and Shias are different "branches" of Islam. ISIL is of the Sunni variety. You are not going to get Shias to "support" ISIL no matter who hate America. It's like asking water to love oil. They hate eachother way more than anyone outside, including the evil west.

    Posted by: TBR

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BrendanD19 says2015-12-07T17:37:15.430
This isn't a yes or no question