Why not woman in men sports. I think they would do fine.

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  • Of course not!

    I'm not sexist, first of all. Take track or cross country. Every single world record, the man is faster. The best of the best female runners would not be able to beat the best of the best male runners. It's common logic. Then y'all who want women in men's sports would complain about men being oppressive because they are winning more.

  • Since your being silly

    It would be OK but you will carry on like a bunch of girls. What happens if we where to break one of ya nails? It might be OK for you but I don't think I can live with that on my concience. Why cant man compeat in synchronized swimming. Why not men in women sports teams? Who's going to make me sandwiches.

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whatshouldIdo says2015-12-12T00:52:33.423
Pandascatsbubbles, do you mean that there should be sports in which both genders participate in at the same time?
Because Women play soccer, tennis, cricket, etc. . . . Which men already play.
Pleas clarify.