Why our culture and reliance being destroyed in this generation?

  • Yes, Our culture heritage are being collapsed.

    Nowadays many people are not being focus in their culture because they are busy doing their own business. They don't have much time to save their culture. This is modern age so all human beingshave their own specific jobs. We all human beings have to save our culture for our country. . .

  • Some of the most important cultural features have been under attack for a while now and it's a potential danger.

    Culture represents out collectinve heretage, As such it's largely in charge of dictating in what manner we will interact with each other. Because of this, It a living thing, It changes from generation to generation as to addapt to the societies new chalanges and problems. However there are certain aspects of that culture which are nessecary if we want to continue to prosper as we have thus far. One of these aspects is social capital and norms. There are genneral guidelines that define what is and what isn't acceptable. A prime example of this is the current situation concerning single motherhood. The single motherhood rate has mora than doubled since the early 80s, This has already caused significant damage as kids who were raised by single mothers are more likely to be addicts, Criminals, Illbehaved and many more equally discouraging things. Upon seeing this, Anyone would logically come to the conclusion that it's an issue that needs urgent action, However that hasn't been the response, The response was to start promoting single motherhood as a positive by making single mom's look like well organised heroes who are the best out of all of su. . . . . A clear lie.

    This is just one out of many examples of the culture being purposefully eroded in order to achieve short term political goals. . . . . .

  • Are you one of those people going on about cultural appropriation in the smallest references to culture?

    List some sources or cite literally anything, It'll help you sound a little more like a debater. A country's culture shifts as its' newer generation's customs, Their wants and needs and everything that makes them up changes. It's really selfish to say that a newer generation's preferences are destroying a culture- they're making one for themselves. Don't blame everything on 'people doing their own business'- a), People can do whatever the hell they want, And b) why the f*ck should they have to adhere to culture?

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allenc2 says2019-05-09T21:30:29.713
I would hope that I'm not the only one that is unclear as to the question here.

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