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  • Did you agree with the rules of social media?

    The rules in that if you do something slightly different from what they expect you are canceled as if something you said in your profile was compared to a crime and next week nobody cares about that anymore. In my view, This culture takes away any kind of freedom that you may have on your social networks because you are prevented from expressing your opinion or are forced to act in a robotic way.

  • Cancel Culture Is Cancer Culture

    Cancel culture rears its ugly head around the internet like a disease, Inflicting each victim with just the same amount of cruelty regardless of whether what they did was actually wrong or not. People have had their lives ruined just for posting a TWEET. Like, Uhh, No, That should not happen. People who mob others on social media are worse than the people they mob.

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DemiSyres says2021-05-10T17:44:46.143
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