• It refreshes our mind so we can get ready to resume.

    Some people forget things easily so the school will give the students homework so that they can get ready for what is ahead of them and so it will refresh their memory of what they had learnt previously. This is my reason and I am with anyone that says that children should have holiday home-work.

  • The holidays are for Homework!

    Students lose their progress over the summer break that's what their teachers give homework assignments so they can get back on track when they come back to school. Research shows that students are likely to score lower on standardized tests after a long holiday break, Such as summer vacation than they are before. Students who have learning disabilities are also more likely to experience some degree of learning regression over holiday breaks. High levels of regression amongst certain student groups make it all the more important to find ways to get students to exercise their minds over holiday breaks. Homework over holiday breaks can be a way to help students sustain the skills they have been working on in class.

    Posted by: xdAN
  • Holidays are not for homework

    Students do need a break of everything to keep their mind fresh and vacations are there for that but assigning holiday homework damages that intention and it is bad for the students, They can not spend quality time with their family and spend most of the time doing homeworks they barely get the time to be free and it brings stress and helps damage the mind of a student and they are nothing but a nuisance, They don't help students in any way, Not even learning, Students learn more from the internet and the outside world than they do from holiday homeworks, All it does is to bring stress.

  • The whole point of a holiday is to finally get a break from the stress of school

    How am I supposed to de-stress and recharge if my schoolwork is following me on my supposed "holiday? " So many scientists and psychologists have spoken out against it. A lot of very smart, Productive, And successful people suggest the Pomodoro technique, Which means for a certain period of time, You focus 100% on the work at hand-- you give it your absolute all. After that time is up, You have another period of time for break, 100% all to yourself. You aren't allowed to touch or even think about work at all. When that time is up, You repeat the cycle. Holiday homework completely destroys this cycle so it's almost all work and no play. I tried the Pomodoro technique for a year at a new school that promoted it. That was the BEST school year of my life. My grades were amazing, I was super happy, And I learned a lot of time management and productivity skills. If teachers are worried that students are going to forget everything over the break, That just goes to show how terrible the teaching system is. Space out lesson reviews and only teach easily digestible chunks instead of forcing students to memorize a 100-page chapter and test on it within a week. Most students despise school for a reason, And holiday homework certainly doesn't help.

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