• There are bad apples, But most zoos benefit animals

    Contrary to popular belief, Most zoo animals are not taken from the wild. They're born in captivity and have lived in captivity their whole life. In addition, Not only do zoos make sure that the needs of their animals are met, Many of them are involved in programs to help preserve and study wild animals. In that aspect, Zoos are an important part of getting the public interested and involved in animal welfare.

  • Animals should be free!

    Animals won't be able to live with their own families.
    They can't roam around.
    They need more space.
    Nature needs them.
    Animals need to catch food for themselves, They will lose their energy or can't live. They will be lazy.
    They can't eat what they want.
    Help us to protect wildlife!

  • We are kidnapping animals from there natural habitats

    We are protecting the animals who are close to being extinct but we are also trying to learn about them as humans we need to learn about the animals we have in zoos that we couldn't see in the wild our children go to the zoos to learn about the animals we have in a zoo

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