• Pascal's Wager, of course:

    The Wager is sound reason to believe in a deity (or actually anything that may not have sound evidence for it so long as it has no definitively detrimental standards) so there's that. It's really self-explaining from there if you know what it is but if you do not here is a link:

  • You already do believe in God

    Based on the authority of God's word, it's safe to say all people believe in God whether they admit it or not: "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them." (Romans 1:18,19) Therefore, the real question should be whether you should continue in your rebellion against God by suppressing what is clearly manifest.

    Charles Hodge said, "All the great doctrines of religion have a self-evidencing light; an evidence of their truth to which nothing but the blindness and hardness of heart produced by sin, can render the mind insensible. Men may argue themselves into a theoretical disbelief of the being of God, of the obligation of the moral law, and of a future state of retribution. But as these truths address themselves to our moral constitution, which we cannot change, no amount of sophistry can obscure their convincing light, if our amoral nature be aroused."

  • Everybody Listen Up...

    Now let me put it like this. I'm Jewish. Now if I'm wrong, no big deal, right? But If you're wrong, you're going to HATE it... Just saying now you can wrap your stupid little pea brains around that for the next hour, you ignorant idiots. Have fun. :) <3

  • There is just too much evidence supporting God's Existence

    Now you should have the right to choose any religion you want, but if you follow the rules of logic and reason, then I believe those rules will point to the existence of a god. First of all, the Universe has a finite age and its not eternal. This means that before the universe there was nothing. Which means something had to cause the big bang that leads to creation. The second piece of evidence I sight is the existence of life itself. Its just a miracle when you think about it. Earth has just the right atmosphere, at just the right distance from the sun, with a moon just the right size to control the Earths tilt. With all these factors taken into consideration, it seems as if an Architect had to plan this. Finally lets look at the gravity of the universe. If the center of gravity was too low in this universe, then the universe would expand so fast that it would rip and be destroyed. If the center of gravity was too high, then the universe would collapse in on itself ending in an explosion. But our universal center of gravity once again is just right, almost by design.

  • Equality is my statement, in order to equalize the judgement of my peers

    We do not know god, gods, or anything for that matter. We are just a bunch of stupid opinionated atoms. As long as you believe there is something up in the sky, universe, or just above us then you believe in god. The moment you claim to know the will of god you lose all credibility.

  • No, you should not.

    God is not nedded in your life, if you can't be a good person without the threat of god hanging overhead then you are not a good person. Atheists can do good things without needing to believe in god. Religion is the cause of so much hate, why be a part of it.

  • No point and belief is an illogical onr

    Despite what is being said on the left. There has yet to be any good evidence for the case of a creator. All we have is some speculation at best. Watch any debate and you will see the "triumphs" of Christian apologetics (Ken ham, lane craig, sye ten bruggencate) fall flat everytime. Trust me if we found evidence for God that stuff would be on the news everyday and so right you couldn't debate it. To beleive In something without prove compared to a modern theory that has evidence pointing to it is simply illogical

  • Yes if you should believe in god no if you shouldnt believe in god or if you shouldnt believe either way

    I say no you shouldnt believe in god. Buddha said if your searching for enlightenment do not search for god and its so true. There are over a thousand religions that all claim to be the one true religion (meaning all others are false if its true). So believing in a religion you have more than a 99.9 percent chance of being wrong. That means that more than 99.9 percent of people have filled their heads with "knowledge" that will turn out to be bull crap. Thats why you shouldnt believe in a religious god.

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