• NO More money

    Money has simply caused an everlasting war. There are over 100 million people that are homeless in the world, according to "https://homelessworldcup.Org/homelessness-statistics/", and this is because of money. I agree that money is almost like a trophy or something to reach for and it shows that you have worked hard, but for those who have no money, but work equally hard, get zero recognition.

  • It is a horrible thing

    It does nothing but bad. It makes people greedy. It puts people in poverty. It belongs to no one except the trees. It is just a piece of paper. It is passed around and you don't know who touched it or where it has been. Everything is free if we get rid of money. I know there are many other reasons and you can tell me them.

  • Money should be banned.

    I am thinking money should be banned because everyone is saying that money is the first thing they need in their lives. Well, People can't get medical attention because of money. People are so greedy about them, That people even kill others if they have none. I wish we could all be friendly and not care about money.

  • It was never about the money....

    Money was created to show the value of goods and services to people. Otherwise, how would you value a laptop over say, a phone? How would you know that 1kg of rice exchanges for 1kg of salt? And under which circumstances? How would you reflect a supply shock to sell the goods you own (think about a rainstorm that has disrupted the rice collecting process)? Now, more importantly, how would you pay labour? How would you remunerate those whose hours have been given to produce a good? With food? What kind of food? And, if they get paid with food then how you would ensure that food expires in a decent amount of time? How would you acquire such food in the first place and how much, if you do eventually pay with food, would you pay CEOs and yourself? How would you measure profit in your company? Money makes organisation possible, makes relationships at work possible and with the state.
    Think about it this way - if non of this is plausible enough for you - why did you think society moved from barter and exchange in Ancient times to using money as means of exchange? Money was never important, it is a means to an end, to satisfy our needs and wants. What you may be thinking instead is how important income distribution and equality is. Don't undermine money because of the use we give to it, its importance has been relevant over thousands of years and we can't be that naïve to think the opposite. What we need is to change our habits, form peace with one another. Money has just been the "excuse" to overshadow our innate power-seeking behaviour. A behaviour everyone should despise.

  • Umm so ye

    All of you people are completely right, and i'm just doing this so there is at least a small minority, and not just 100% yes side. I do think money is banned, but would people still trade items for other items, like If I wanted a house, nobody would just give it to me, so would I give them food or something?

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