• Yes, but less homework

    Homework certainly helps to cement the concepts of the material, however, at the current amount, homework can be counterproductive. Especially so in mathematics. My teacher for example, likes to assign a lot of math homework, and by assigning similar problems, if students solve a problem incorrectly, it becomes hard to break that habit that has been cemented in your mind. I recommend no more than 2 of each type of problem, as that is all that is needed for a student to practice his/her skills (hopefully correctly, but the reason for homework it to identify mistakes and correct them).

  • Should one poor test grade affect an overall semester grade?

    Aside from the obvious "some kids just aren't good test-takers," what about classes such as math? If homework in math wasn't ever assigned, kids would let words go in one ear and right out the other. (This is looking past the idea that many kids just copy answers anyway)
    If we are reliant on kids being solely graded on their ability to finish a standardized test, we are defeating the purpose of schooling, which is to teach us how to learn. Homework is a tool for learning, and, although stressful, is needed in moderation.

  • Kids need more time

    Kids need more time to do other thing like sports and why can't tests just affect there grade more and same with pop quizzes and other things that could just have more points. Why would they need to have homework, because they shouldn't be forced to stud, if they wanna study than they can if not then they get to fail the class and get held back.

  • Kids need to live

    Kids have to play and do fun stuff paint and other things and live their child life cause it doesn't last forever like adults. Homework should not exist so they could have more chances to see the world with their own eyes. KIDS SHOULD PLAY MORE they'll have more energy and spend more time with their family

  • I disagree .

    Questions are bad, and I say no to the question. Yes/no questions are the only type of questions which deserve my time and energy to respond to. I will now waste 19 words. I will now waste 12 words. I will now waste 7 words. I will now waste 1

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