Why should we punish bystanders who do not report bullying

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  • You can't it would be too much

    Alright so all because your watching it does not mean you have to report it for many reasons, First the person being bullied may have already tried and it made it worst. Also bullying comes in different forms. So interpreting what you saw as bullying would be impossible or very hard. You could false report someone and it turns out they are friends the whole time. Also what if you don't know there names this would cause issues as well. There is just too many factors to add in so for that reason No we should not

  • Can't punish every bystander.

    First, Let's address the topic of my headline. Here's the thing: Many incidents of bullying have several bystanders. Do you REALLY think every bystander is going to report the bully? No! And because there's likely to be so many bystanders in one incident alone, The chances of catching every single one is slim to none.

    Second, Just because a witness to an act of bullying doesn't report it, It doesn't mean that they don't care. Often times, These witnesses feel scared or uncomfortable in reporting an act as vile as bullying. A lot of people (myself included) are very introverted, And fear being in the "spotlight", If you will. As a result, We fear reporting instances of bullying and other crimes, As we fear the attention that would be brought upon ourselves. It doesn't matter if the attention is coming from authority figures (teachers, Other faculty, Police, Etc), The bully himself, Or the victim. It doesn't change the fact that we're bringing SOME kind of attention onto ourselves, And that's the last thing us heavily introverted people want. Are you really going to punish every single heavily introverted bystander, Just because they didn't report an act of bullying? We can't help the fact that we fear being in the spotlight.

    By no means am I saying that bullying is okay, Or that every incident should go unreported. I'm just here, Pointing out reasons why the bystanders shouldn't always be punished. It's important to examine the bystander's reason(s) for not reporting an act of bullying in which they witnessed.

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