Why so obsessed with vaccines? Do you know how many pokes a child gets? Do you think it's necessary to make them mandatory like California?

  • We are "obsessed" with vaccines since they protect us from disease.

    Vaccines create antibodies that fight disease off. The pain caused by the pokes is fleeting and insignificant compared to the suffering endured by the child if he/she gets the disease that the vaccine prevents. There is no credible study that shows that vaccines cause significant harm to the human body.

  • Vaccines are very necessary.

    Vaccines prevent thousands, if not millions of deaths per year. Smallpox has been eradicated worldwide, and less than 10 countries still have children who contract polio - all due to vaccines. If children did not get "pokes" that only hurt for a few seconds, they would instead endure vomiting, pain, and fever for days. And ultimately, they would suffer death. On top of this, "indoor plumbing, good soaps, and disinfectants" alone cannot stop the spread of disease through the air by sneezing or coughing.

  • Yes, vaccinations are important.

    Look at our past and current situations around the world where people are dying because of contagious diseases and illnesses that could simply be prevented from receiving a few seconds of pain in the form of a shot. I will always vaccinate my child because I want her to be healthy and stay alive.

  • It should be neccessary.

    It prevents you from getting various viruses that can not be cured. If you don't get one you can be spreading something right now because you didn't get your vaccine. The pain isn't even that bad it only stings for a little bit. Just keep calm and get your shots.

  • They've poisoned our authentic gene pool

    Those damn vaccines turned my dogs gay. Instead of barking, the damn thing just yiffs all the time and looks at the damn, dirty furry shit. Whenever I get the vacuum out, instead of fleeing in terror as a regular, straight, GOD-SANTICIFIED DOG would do, the damn thing shoves its shweenie into the sucky-wucky bit! ONLY I GET TO DO THAT!!!

    Okay thank you for your time :)))))

  • I think it's unnecessary.

    Kids are injected with these poisons at a young age and it does NOthING for them but hurt them. People have to remember that we didn't have indoor plumbing, good soaps, and disinfectants back when all these 'supposed' diseases were "sweeping the earth." History is a lie! How do you know these diseases were eradicated by a prick?

  • Vaccines are absolutely necessary for good health but the government should not have the power to mandate it.

    While I agree 100% that vaccines are necessary for individual health, the government should not have the power to mandate them. I think we can all agree that the ability to MANDATE an injection of any kind is a level of control over our bodies that we do not want the government wielding. Personally, that argument on principle is enough for me but for those that need further convincing: imagine a scenario in which you give the government the power to mandate an injection because you agree with what they're injecting now. Sure you like it now because you agree with the substance but in the future a party that you disagree with can mandate a new injection that you think is egregious but they have the justification that they already have the power to mandate injections as given to them by you. No one would be happy with that.

    Posted by: Kopk

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