Why some people think violence is harmful and why other think it isn't?

  • Children Can Do The Same

    Violent TV shows, Or movies, Have an effect on children. After children watch a violent scene, These children can copy the effects of violence from the TV or theater into real life. Which could lead to several horrible consequenses. In conclusion, Kids should not be watching violent shows on the TV.

  • Violent movies or tv programsscan harm children

    Violent can make children more aggressive. One study showd that children who whatch violent tv programs when they were 8 years old were more likely to behave aggresively at age 18. Fhurtermore as a dult they were more likely to be convicted of violent crimes such as child abuse and murder.

  • It's something unavoidable

    With a society so focused on the betterment of our children and they want to put them in an environment where they are sheltered and groomed so that they are blind to the harsh realities of the world. I personally think that sure there are other ways around violence and that it probably should not be the primary focus in movies. At the same time, However, We need to understand that this is the world we live in. Violence is a reality that we have to deal with daily whether that be physical or emotional and the earlier we can show kids what violence is and teach them both ways around it and the harm that comes out of it they will most likely be more inclined to turn away from it. Instead, Of the opposite, Which some of you are suggesting they will eventually figure it out for themselves and instead of sharing the parents view they have to figure out for themselves and the option they most likely chose is to lean towards violence instead of away from it.

  • Violence is bad. However, Violence in media is another thing entirely.

    Violence in media has been proven to not influence people. Many studies have been done that have proven this point. Just because someone watches something does not mean that they will do the actions being portrayed. Think about this way: you see people throw a football. Do you also throw a football? Is it just like those that do? Not likely. Many people who watch football games do not play the game.

    There are also instances where school shooters don't play video games at all and also don't watch movies often, Nor do they read. Yet, These mediums are blamed all the time. This is known as scapegoating, Rather than focusing on what led the person to become violent. In many cases, It is parenting or other environmental factors. Those that suffer from abuse are more likely to induce it upon others because they lacked control and know only of that way to gain control in their lives.

    So instead of pointing the finger at violent media, Look at your own culture and environment and ask, "does anything in my environment or culture promote committing violence against others? "

  • TV and entertainment are full of subliminal messages and direct indoctrination.

    Its not the violence, It is who is doing the violence and why that matter. Most of it is gratuitous and obscene, But violent video games portraying heroes of war, Like call of duty, Or MMA and football are different. Violence is an inescapable predicament of our reality. Too much sheltering is bad. The real problem is parents who provide no explanation, Our society is rife with un-involved parents and that is the true source of abuse and neglect. You can't bottle up our boys (who are largely fatherless now) and expect our civilization to still exist by the time they are middle aged, Society is suffering because of our nanny-state mother them all mentality.

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