• People don't understand what year round schools are.

    Many of the people arguing against year round schools think that kids won't get a break. That's not the case at all. The schedule is typically 9 weeks of school followed by 3 weeks off. You get just as much time off. It saves money for schools, each school can now have as much as 33% more students in 4 tracks so you don't have to build as many schools. This is money that can be used for more supplies, computers, teachers pay, assistant teachers, etc.

  • School should be year round

    There will still be the same 180 days in the school year, just we will have longer or more brakes to make up some of the summer time lost. This will also help kids retain more information. Therefore lest time will be spent on revue, so more things can be tought, theoretically resulting in smarter people. So over all this is much better. Also there will be less stress on kids so kids will want to go to school more.

  • More Time to Relax

    Almost every naysayer is uneducated about this system. Schools in America require 180 days. That does not change because of year round school. The days are simply arranged differently. Instead of going strong for 9 months with minimal breaks, resulting in being burned out, tired and frustrated by the end of the school year, students instead could go to school for 6-9 weeks and then have 2-3 weeks off, with 4-6 weeks off in summer. Kids still have time to be kids. There is less time for students to forget what they have learned, so the time after summer break isn't spent with weeks of review. Despite what so many people think, students will be less burned out and more prepared to work.

  • It helps your grades.

    There would e more semesters and if you fail two semesters you will be able to make up that grade with the other semesters. Another reason why kids should have school year round is because you get to learn more things about the next grade that you didn't know about.

  • Kids need breaks!!!!

    I feel kids need breaks because not having breaks can cause stress in ones mind and make some kids have breaks out of nowhere and this is not good cause then they wont want to go to school anymore so there for summer is a good thing for most kids!!!

  • This Is An Excellent Idea

    I believe having school year round would be a good thing. I think this would help parents with work and school schedules, since they would no longer have to hire a separate care provider for the summer months. I think it would also help students retain information from one grade level to the next.

  • We should have school year round.

    We should have school year round. Many students forget what they are being taught the year before because of the summer break. If we were to break that up into smaller sections than this would not happen. Most of the beginning of the school year is being wasted trying to refresh a student from the summer break.

  • We should have school year round, so more of a curriculum is taught resulting in smarter people.

    School is a place for education and learning, so having school be year round would mean more could be taught each year resulting in the students exiting high school with far more of a curriculum covered, than normally with the current days they have. This would mean each student would be more likely to succeed and could start further and easier with their college education, and even if they choose not to the average person would be quite a bit more educated thanks to this policy.

  • School makes kids feel like their in prison

    If kids are "trapped" in school we have to sit their for about 8 hours which is 8 hours of not doing anything but sitting down in a seat. Another reason kids don't like school is because of the bullies. Bullies are the ones who pick on the student who is something they don't like, and because of that almost 50% of deaths comes from suicide from school. The last thing i'm going to say is grade, If school is supposed to teach students then they haven't done a good job if the students get bad grades then they get held back and what kid wants to get held back for another year of HELL!

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  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo please no

    There are plenty of reasons i could say no but the reason I say no is because bullies, bullies are the WORST and you're increasing the time I have to spend with them so please don't do this to me and all the other kids of the world!! Please dont

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  • People do not like school

    People need rest. If they don't get rest they cant go to school. Most people would rather play video games just live me. I like to play madden mobile sometimes there is a game changer live event and when i'm at school I cant do the game changer live event

  • Kids Just Gotta Be KIDS!!!

    When you're all grown up, can you just go play outside?, NO!, you have a million things on you're mind to be done. Kids have that chance!, having school year 'round takes away their opportunity, their freedom to have fun. Students will get exhausted and bored because of the excessive work and the same kind of schedule every day. They need breaks. They'll be cry'in instead of fly'in.

  • From a student's perspective

    We have lives, family, and we need sleep. Kids are gonna start comminting suicide if they have to go to school all year round. The pressure from school now is unbarable just from what we have and it's gonna stay that way, we don't need so much pressure that somebody develops a mental disorder like depression.
    Adults don't ever think about the mental well being of their children. So what if we forget some of it, we do warm ups to get back into the game at the first 2 weeks of school and then we're ready for new things. Plus if you want your kid to remember what they learned assign them for a short and easy after school help program with someone you trust. That doesn't mean try and force other parents to have their child go all year round. It's their kids, let them raise them and teach them how they want.

  • Kids's point of view.

    I already have some confusing homework to do and now I need to do MORE homework on my summer vacation! We need to relax, shake those muscles. And also, it's too hot to do any school/homework. This is why I don't want to go to schools that's year-round. Good bye. :)

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