• Computers are smarter

    Computer are faster and you can program them to be strict,kind,lazy.Ect which means you can learn fast and easily if you program them that way .
    Computers are easier to work with because they have a better memory than humans.
    That is just my opinion everybody has there own opinion so please do not be mad at my opinion.
    SARA D.

  • Yes thank you so much for posting this

    Someone finally understands that literally everything you learn in school you can learn on a computer. School claims they prepare you for the real world but what do they really prepare you? State tests, homework, getting good grades just to memorize certain events happening at a certain time or what happens when you mix this chemical with that chemical or all these weird math terms or Memorizing something from a story you just read and then answering questions. Literally all of that (and more) is what the internet is for.

  • Teachers are necessary

    Computers are not a replacement for teachers but a tool for teachers. Computers cannot address pedagogy and differentiate lessons according to the students physical, mental, social, and emotional needs. Computers will miss those teachable moments that come only through relationships and interaction. Computers cannot deal with impromptu moments. Just tools

  • School is more than just facts

    There are things that are taught to you buy teachers that computers couldn't do. Yes they can teach you facts and stats and help you memories things, but they don't teach you how to co-operate with people, maintain attention and hard work. Teachers help kids learn how to behave in the real world, outside of the supervision of parents. They teach you manners and social protocols that you need to be successful in life. Teachers give you a human connection, and can teach in ways that robots can't. Then computers can't keep people's attention, help them stay on track or help kid's adapt. They can't help sort out failure like a human can. Also then you have to look at the jobs you are taking away. All in all humans will always do a better job as they teach what robots can't. How to be a good human.

  • It shouldn't take over teachers occupations, but should still be used

    Technology is a valued treasure to our daily lives, and its constantly getting better! I agree that technology can, and should, be used in classrooms. . . But it still doesn't fulfill one crucial and possibly overlooked necessity. Humans are often social, and most of the time require the connection that comes with an engaging conversation to sometimes even stay focused,
    and technology has not come to that point yet. Even if technology eventually gets "completely" human like. I am highly skeptical that it will out do real human connection.

    Also, some teachers might enjoy their jobs, why take that away from them?!

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