• Technology is taking over our lives

    "Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, The teacher is the most important. " said Bill Gates. Using technology at school distracts children from what the teacher is trying to say. Instead of paying attention to the teacher they usually go on quizlet, Vocabulary. Com, Playbuzz, Etc. Put your hand up if you have done that before. See what I mean! Now compare this to if we use paper. You can't search up anything on paper, And would have to listen to the teacher. I mean nothing can go wrong with using paper! And plus you get better handwriting!

  • Tech is the solution to language barrier

    Imagine you're studying at college in another country whose language you don't understand and you're not allowed to use a digital dictionary. So instead of being able to understand the words easily, You have to look it up word by word on your analog dictionary which takes up about the whole class period.

  • Tech is the future of our world.

    Our world has evolved so much since even just 10-15 years ago. Cell phones are now gaming devices, Computers are taking jobs, And our code is being hacked left and right. In school, Kids can learn how to stop the problems that occur in our everyday lives when it comes to technology. Children can eventually help our problems that the current adult generation is struggling with, And they can create a better world as they grow up.

  • Kids need to learn how to use tech

    Just make school specific machines so that kids don't slack off and play online.
    Have every website that hasn't been looked at by the school blacklisted. Maybe give them a form that they could to fill out in order to get a site off that blacklist.
    Maybe have a credit system that you could use to rent things with such as access to a Gray listed site for a short period of time

    if we want better education systems the answer isn't less technology its better technology

    (plus learning how to use computers and other devices is slowly becoming for useful than good handwriting)

  • Technology is a crucial part of modern life

    While I agree technology should be somewhat limited in school, Definitely phones, Since they greatly contribute to our decreasing attention span, I do not think technology should be limited completely. It does more harm than good, Since technology is very widespread and impossible to avoid nowadays. Students can also be shown how to use technology to make an effective search that adds to their knowledge and awareness of the world. That ability is a crucial part of modern life that must be learned, And because of that and the times we live in, Technology needs to stay in schools in order to keep them up to date and interesting to students.

  • Do you know what technology is?

    Everything is technology - the wheel, Books, Ink, The process of making books which I assume involves wheels and ink. When you suggest a world, Or a school, Without technology, You are suggesting a place devoid of any human advancements, Which includes basic things such as desks, Chairs, Toilets and the building itself.

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