Why there is a need of rehabilitation of prostitutes in INDIA and what can be done?

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  • Plight of sex workers

    There are more than 20 million prostitutes in India if a Human Rights Watch report is to be believed — and as many as 35% of them enter at an age less than 18.
    Poverty is one of the main causes which brings helpless woman to the doors of prostitution.
    India is one of the biggest market for prostitution in Asia with Mumbai alone accommodating 200,000 prostitutes.
    The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act or PITA, a 1986 amendment of legislation passed in 1956 provides for the rehabilitation for the sex workers, who come forward and demand it, but what good does it serve if the families of these rescued women do not accept them back
    Rehabilitation of the prostitutes is a big problem because people donate for different causes like handicapped people, blind etc but when it cames to helping these girls not many are willing. There is a stigma attached to this profession once rescued the girls are sent to the Remand houses or the protective houses which are overcrowded, mismanaged, without facilities or vocational training and living conditions threadbare.
    One of the incredible stories to emerge from the Supreme Court's national initiative to rehabilitate sex workers is the transformation of two sex workers into police constables.
    The story of the two sex workers qualifying to become constables with proper training and exposure was narrated to the Supreme Court's panel headed by senior advocate Pradip Ghosh by Andhra Pradesh government's representative

  • There is none.

    They are living in an infamously hostile environment. They are figuratively and literally ****ed. If that is to change, they need to seek legitimate employment elsewhere. What's that? They can't go anywhere? Well, that's a right old Kafka loop. Welp, can't do anything for them now. Besides, they aren't American. Why should we care?

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