Why there is need to draw lines on world map just for the greed of some people?

  • How much we can tolerate people is from our education and thoughts, E. G. We can tolerate lover, But not parents as much.

    If your lover keeps nagging u, U probably would think, Well, She gotta have some flaws. But parents nagging, Well. . . Many family tragedies happen. And in ancient China, A child would literally die for a parent because there are strict rules to obey parents taught by education. So if we just teach them that they should tolerate other people, With even geographical differences and cultural differences, The people can still tolerate and doesn't actually feel worse by tolerating. So yeah.

  • We are one species.

    It is ridiculous for humanity to have split ourselves among so many non-natural identities that influence so much harmful ideaology. We could truly accomplish so much if we, Gradually in the far future, Morphed ourselves into one productive government. I believe we as a species are still in an intermediary period of early-stage civilization, And we are now pushing into ther beginning of a new and ultimate transitionary period.

  • Earth is our mother we can Not split it. .

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  • Because People Are Human.

    From the beginning of time we have always had people we hate, People we distrust and those who have evil intentions. If you had a zoo, And you decided to take away all the fences and let the animals all coexist in one cage, How long before the strong dominated the weak, Before the peaceful were slaughtered by the beats and blood covered the walls and floors? For the same reason you have fences around your garden and walls on your house, We like privacy. If we had no borders, Where do you think people would move to? It wouldn't be Africa, Or India, Or Kazakhstan, I promise you. All the people would suddenly move to more comfortable areas, To the first world countries. Before long, The first world countries would be overpopulated, Food would be scarce, Millions would die from starvation due to exhaustion of resources.
    Plus, We need individuality, Do you know how big of a number seven billion is? Truly, Do you? If we morphed into a world-wide homogenous entity of humanity, No one would be happy, As we would not be able to take pride in our country, Our background, Our family, Because no one would care, They'd seen it all before.

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