Why? [this space intentionally left blank]

Asked by: YYW
  • Because Yes, That's Why

    Now YYW intelligently asks why? However he only gives us half the question, because in the end, why not? If we cannot establish the why, or the why not are we really even making progress here? I believe until the "why not" is established we must fully assume the answer is yes.
    In the same way, if my friend asked me why "why"? I would only be able to appropriately respond with "why not" because that is the only logical answer to such a question. In fact, "why not" is an appropriate answer to all 'why" questions so we should use it to answer every question that begins with "why"; I guarantee your teachers and professors will be impressed with the sheer amount of intelligence you radiate!

    I rest my case. Good question YYW.

  • I Don't See Why Not

    I see the question is left very ambiguous. Very post-modern of you. However, I am a great man of detective work. I am also a master of interpretative dance, but that's a story for another time. The question presents some related topics. And I do not take the unified sentient being known as "Juggle" to be a fool. I can extrapolate the full question to be "Why shouldn't we play baseball in space?" For which I answer, "we should". As it naturally follows from the human endeavor to broaden our frontier and tame the terror of nature. So I answer in the affirmative, "yes". Play ball!

  • Because I said so.

    Your question is why. I say, why not. That is the simplicity of it. Why? Because I said so. It is as easy as that. You have to learn to understand that what I say is law. If I tell you to jump off a bridge, you jump off a bridge. Why? Because I said so.

  • Because Forty Two

    It is the answer to everything. Forty two. 42. It has a nice ring to it as well. Why? Because it's FORTY TWO. Yes. I like that. Ask anyone [sensible] - they'll tell you. Forty two. I need no answer other than this. Why not? Forty two. I'll stop now.

  • Why? Why? Why?

    I think it's what we make of it. Simple as that. It could be Why did (Spoiler) Ned Stark die in Game of Thrones when Westoros could have benefited from his Sean bean-ness, or why are we here, or why did you buy milk instead of fruit juice? I don't know, why does this question even exist. I guess it is what it is, and it is what you make it out to be.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • Why not ?

    To ask the question "why," we must first think of a solution. If at first we do not succeed, then we will of course proceed to ask someone else to relieve the mental burden.

    But, when all that we can ask is "why..." The manner of *doing or ***understanding are the topics at hand.

    "Why would you kill someone?"

    "Why should I eat that?"

    These two pivotal roles that why plays are important in our understanding of philosophy, and for writers, to help them understand both the fictional and the realistic to the fullest extent.

    To answer "why," we must be able to think on the terms of the person whom we are countering. It is in our ability to see things from their standpoint that we can truly understand a point of view, our own or otherwise. By exploiting our power to understand through another's shoes, we may eventually be able to finally answer meaning of life in the absolute truth and justice that it deserves. Our ability to answer "why" can lead to our ability to answer all questions.

    So I must ask, why not? To consider the logic behind another's viewpoint is to unveil humanity in a way that answers every question we may have about our known social world. We will see that some questions will remain unanswered-the lies and propaganda that we have led to believe through time, and the true insanity that serves no purpose in humanity. It could be the whole world that we come to understand. Why not understand the whole world?


    You have brought shame upon your country, your community, and your mother (or mothers if you live in Utah). This was caused by you, and you alone. How dare you disrespect us all with such betrayal.

    This is not okay. You are terrible. Terrible, and silly. So yes, GWL exists because you touch yourself at night.

  • I wouldn't say so, I would contend that God, in fact, doesn't exist.

    William lane craig said: "God don't exist cause first cause distaces that fine tuning ought to discern that logical constants are morally applicabble and concur with moder atheism and other immoral movement use to overthrow the government and oither churches like the catholucs church an invest wuith pedophile.. Ye yes

  • Because, you know.

    It may well be possibly because it is the case that it could maybe, just maybe, sort of actually conceivably arguably be that, in some possible world, metaphysically speaking, ostensibly and by virtue of truth in and of itself, in a non-paradoxical manner, according to the correct paradigm, be that the answer is no.

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YYW says2013-06-09T06:16:07.790
[this space intentionally left blank]
FREEDO says2013-06-13T04:06:08.937
It's funny that the great majority are voting yes.