• This is a chienise app.

    My subject is here not to argue with someone but we should not ignore it that tik tok is a app of our enemy country china. So we can not ignore it any more. Here, My request is to you all that we should use our app, I mean our country's app.

  • I do not care about a tick tock

    Seriously tick tock is so irrelevant everybody is freaking out about it like this is the first data collection scheme. The only difference is that it was made by china and not america. American companies steal and sell your data all the time and nobody bats an eye until china follows in their footsteps.

    Also its a bad bad app really its just cringe kids singing their favorite five nights at fredy songs and putting on weird costumes. Very bad and ugly environment will not use

  • That TikTok be a Chinese app it does not matter

    I am going to be honest, I do not use that app, But when I saw your opinion i needed to tell you my opinion about this topic. First, That TikTok be a Chinese app it does not matter, The important thing is have a good time and use that app to have a great moment and for fun, I think there is a lot of hatred in the world to have hatred just for an application.

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nkmehra says2020-06-16T02:40:21.290
Hello friends. Is this right?

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