Why ,when someone says something 'racist' do people label them ignorant, ill informed and must hate black people specifically?

Asked by: donkal
  • Because they are the ignorant ones

    Where i come from if someone says something about any race that doesn't fit with the liberal ideas of that area then people label you all those things instantly without a thought. No thought given to why they may say that but those people would probably not have experienced what that person has, to make them say it. What are they ignorant about? Why are they ill informed? Why do they always label you a hater of blacks?

  • Assumptions and rumors

    Often there is someone who starts a rumor for one's own pleasure. Then such rumors get spread, and soon turn into common assumptions. So this may be how the term "racism" got it's "definition". The real definition of racism would be believing that one race is superior to other. This is a false belief, so the person most probably is ignorant and ill informed. But racism assumptions are hating "black people" specifically. This is just the way racism has occurred in present years. Really, racism can be against any race not just "black people".

  • Social Justice Warriors

    People always misuse the term racist. Racism and prejudice are not terms which can be used interchangeably. Racism is -specifically- the belief that one race is superior to another. Treating a person differently, typically based on stereotypes revolving around race, is discrimination, and a preconceived belief about one is prejudice. Everyone is guilty of prejudice and discrimination at some point (not even necessarily pertaining to race either), but they are not always negative, even if they commonly are. It is simply labeling someone by stereotypes; that is not what racism is.

    And aside from that, people even misuse the connotative use of racism. People play victim to gain attention, simply so that they can get the 'pity treatment'. Sad and repulsive, honestly.

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