• They challenge God

    America was created because rich Englishmen wanted to rebel against the crown and form their own government the new Atlantis. They used the tax as an excuse to overthrown their government and key lodge members from France helped them,
    The American government was made by a group of elite men who decided how the country would be run by them.
    The then grew in power by causing genocide to the Native Americans who taught the white men how to survive. The first colony would have died in winter had not the native Americans shown compassion.
    They broke many peace treaties with them and forced them into reservations to live in poverty. They made secret deals and bought more land and had a war with Mexico to steal Texas and bought Mexican land under the table. They stole the island nations.
    They did a lot of things against people who they viewed as inferior and actually inspired Hitler.

    Even now they mess up other nations. The destroyed a Latin government all so they could get bananas for a cheap price. They steal oil from Mexico. They steal oil from the middle east.

    And the American Christians could care less. They say God Bless America. God loves America, And treat everyone else like they are inferior. They love talking about Venezuela as a failed state and love looking at starving children while they stuff themselves fat and throw away food. And they love their Vets who kill children from other nations.
    You try to tell them hey America did this or should be held accountable and they ignore you. But if someone does something halfway around the world they want to bomb the nation out of existent.
    Hey America don;t shoot your protestors, (ignore)
    China is shooting Protestors. (American theme song)

    God will destroy America and most American Christians will go to hell because they loved the world (aka America) more than God. And rather than compassion they gave people hot lead.

  • Why will God Destroy the USA

    Th argument is massive and requires multiple sites. . .

    If you are looking for the real story and not the lies told by billionaires who own all the mainstream media. This is story they don't want to tell you. The utter corruption of the capitalist system guarantees it will be completely annihilated.

    Https://youtu. Be/6Af6b_wyiwI

    Ironically, Only Gates predicted COVID19. Little did he know it would lead to the collapse of capitalism and all the billions of dollars he has hoarded. Tens of thousands still die worldwide every day from starvation.

    Until the movement realizes this fatal truth it will go nowhere:

    The police are merely the military rearguard defending the millionaires and billionaires who run the system.

    World's richest 2, 000 people hold more than poorest 4. 6 billion combined: Oxfam

    https://www. Dennismarkuze. Com

    https://www. Dennismarkuze. Com

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