Why would god bring us to life just to be miserable or happy and then die and be dead again?

Asked by: steffon66
  • .........Are you well?

    I thought it was your parents' handiwork that you are in this world ? :/ Anyways jokes apart...This is a question either when someone is feeling quite low or by someone who is just plain stupid.No offense. Crappy answer I know.
    By the way , why do you sound depressed ?

  • What is the proposition implied here?

    Reading between the lines, the implication is that God is not only unjust, He is also being unmerciful by sending us into mortality. If that is in fact the proposition, then I say that we are free agents whom God is granting an opportunity for progression and that depending on how we fair here in mortality, we can progress further.

  • He wouldnt do this

    Why create a physical body that explains all of our abilities and then make a spirit that does the exact same thing eternally in another realm all to make it look like he didnt exist but not to test your character but to see who would believe and who wouldnt which is pointless because we all believe what we think is more likely after looking at the evidence? Or we suspend judgement until we have sufficient evidence and then if you do good your doing it because its right and not because you will get rewarded for it or punished for not doing it. Maybe life as a superior being is to see what we deserve from a superior being. Maybe god will treat us the way we treat "inferior" beings. That makes a lot more sense than seeing who would believe without evidence. Its our brains that determine our will and they are made up of particles and atoms which all behave in a probabilistic way in accordance with the laws of physics. There is no point to life other than to stop perpetuating the cruelty and suffering.

  • No u HETERIC

    Lol no we r mortal bcause god wants to no if we r naughty or nice cause he knows all cause he tests us. So god r nice n' jesus n him r perfect but the devil suxxorz. Lol so stop being such a stupid heretical heretic n00bs u IDIOT

  • At the Beggining of Time

    Which is not the big bang or evolution, God created man and woman to live in peace together and multiply among the earth where sin was unknown. Then, because of God wanting us to have a free will and not be robots, Eve (the first woman on earth) sinned, and therefore passed sin down to everyone living now. If we accept God in our lifetime and ask for forgiveness we shall be clean of our sins and go to heaven after we die and live in eternal happiness with our one true creator.

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