Why would god give us trillions of combinations of beliefs and make us guess which one is right with no evidence punishing the incorrect?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Most people are in their particular religion because of an accident of birth in time and geography.

    Saying that your religion is right and everyone else is wrong is just as sensible as saying that your country is the best even though is was a matter of randomness and you'd be making that same proclamation no matter what country you were in, and as far a religion what time period. Nonsense!

  • Because he wanted to....

    That's why a god or gods would do that, if they existed. We don't have proof of a god or gods, or indeed, any other truly "higher beings," despite what some people have the need to believe.

    And of course we can't prove the negative of "there are no gods." So it's all hypothetical. So, let's say there was a god. Maybe he would think it cool to set up a world such as ours, like a big "ant farm" where he could just kick back and see what happened.

    I've long thought it would be interesting to have, say, 100 groups of 100 people, all raised separately from each other and from all other humans, never exposed to any existing religious belief, to see what beliefs they would develop.

  • Because He is Jealous For Us

    Our God (Christianity) is jealous for us. Our first commandment is you shall have no other gods before me. This includes spiritual beings and all existing objects. God wants us to choose Him because we were created to worship God and stay true to Him as we can see in Genesis in the Garden of Eden. Man chose to sin by choosing Lucifer over God and we were then separated from God. So he came to earth and saved us from that sin we created. We still choose to disobey Him. That is why He is jealous for us to stay true to Hom by putting Him over everything else in our world including false religions.

  • Yes if that's the case if god exists.

    It may be a hyperbole but I doubt there are less than a trillion combinations of beliefs while there are thousands of religions with thousands of beliefs while they cover far less than one percent of possibilities. There is almost no way your going to be right and no way your going to be completely right unless you use your brain and find that there is no way of knowing the things you think you know without evidence. Your all stupid

  • God did not create other religions

    God did not create these other religions. We all deep down know God exists, but many deny it. The reason for so many religions is because of Satan. Satan uses these other religions to distract us from the One true God. He uses other religions to pull people away from God and His Word using false gods. We ourselves know God exists, and we ourselves either choose to worship and follow Him. We choose between worshiping Him, other false gods, or nothing at all.

    Posted by: CJM
  • Your not to question God!!

    It doesn't matter what God has instructed us to do!!! If your a believer, than you must obey!!! Turning away from our creator will and has caused disasters!!! And the almighty God will show more judgement against the land and in your personal life!!! You can think or call things "bad luck" it is punishment!!! Repent!!!!!!

  • Well there aren't trillions of beliefs, but the top 10 are the only plausible ones.

    Unless you consider all the cults as major religions them your wrong. Lets look at the top religions in the world. We have Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Roman Catholicism, and a couple others. First off we need to realize that only a couple beliefs believe in hell. These are the various branches of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Now we just have to look at the evidence. When it comes down to evidence Judaism and Christianity have the most. Not to belittle Islam but it lacks much evidence. Now we see evidence in Judaism and Christianity. Now we see that these religions both have the same God, but which one is worshiping correctly. The Jews say Messiah hasn't come while Christians say he has. Just look at the prophecies and choose for yourself who will you serve. Thank you and God bless

  • Punishment is a mechanism of religion.

    For any religion to exist it must gain new members and keep existing members from leaving. Otherwise the religion would die out and we would no longer know about it. The eternal damnation is a decent way of keeping people in check. Its sad that the same people who frown upon the holocaust, worship a God who will do infinitely worse things.

  • God did not

    The only thing God has given was the human's greatest power, Choice. When we were created, God allowed humans to live life to how they believe they should live it. It was up to humans to create "Trillions" of religions. There is none to blame but ourselves for all these beliefs.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-12-07T22:14:47.443
This isn't a yes or no question and it makes the assumption that God invented Islam, Hinduism, and various indigenous polytheistic and shamanic beliefs.