Why would god kill someone for pulling out (onan) and not sadists etc.? And why not kill us for condemns? It the same thing.

Asked by: steffon66
  • Yes if you agree theres something wrong with this picture

    Its insane that people believe god is all powerful and killed people in the past for pulling out so as to not impregnate women but wont kill murderers child rapists sadists etc. if god really killed people to prevent such small "evils" then surely he would kill to prevent big evils. And i dont see any murderers sadists child rapists etc. dying before they can kill rape or whatever again. They live just as long as us. Why is it that people who are very rational about almost anything else are completely irrational when it comes to religion.

  • The reason why it is so messed up is because there is no god!

    The New Testament Bible is a great contradiction and is a silly fictional text made by men after the fall of Rome to control the poor in a feudal society. The Old Testament is based upon a violent volcano god that is unreasonably vengeful in nature. Why would any greater being care about ANY of those things. An all powerful being would not play the games that the Abrahamic god plays in the bible.

  • God is the Final Judgment, not a Quick Fix.

    For starters, God did not kill Onan for simply pulling out, he killed him for not continuing his brother's offspring when he was commanded by his father, Judah. He was killed for disobeying God.
    This is a totally new era. God no longer has swift punishment. He is now long suffering, patient, and merciful. People say, "Why does God allow so many innocent people to die or why does he allow serial killers to get away?"
    Why is God being blamed for all the sin that is in this world? Man sins, not God. God tempts no one. Well, if its not God's fault, who's fault is it? It's man's fault. We are sinners, and we choose to sin. We choose not to do what's right. God is still just. He will repay the sinners and punish them. He is also patient, as we must be patient. You cant just kill someone because they killed your spouse or child. I know you want to, but the revenge will never end. This is a cruel world, and bad things happen. That's why every man will die, because of sin.

  • God is not your servant or your friend

    God deliberately created killers to test you and use them an as an example. What's worst than killing to God is disobeying him. We humans have created our own rules and cares that do not line up with God's own. To us killing humans is the highest crime for the dissolution of a human's life but for God the dissolution of the human's life is not the crime but the disobedience to his Word to not kill is what he is infuriated about.

    Stop trying to connect your cares with God's own, God made rules and he expects you to follow them or disobey them. It's that or the other, there is no reasoning with God.

    You will not take the life of any human without God's permission not even your own. Your life does not belong to you it belongs to God.

  • God is God

    God killed Onan because he disobeyed Him, not just for pulling out. It was God's law those days. Go and inform yourself to why Onan pulled out. It's not the same thing.

    And why would you think God does not punish evil people today? Their fate is hell for rejecting God's plan of Salvation. Hell is eternal, don't you think that is enough punishment?
    If you keep doing bad things and rejecting Jesus in your heart, you will have your well deserved punishment.

    But there is a way out, God does not want you to go to hell, He wants you to be saved. He loves you so much that is is tolerating you while you not only reject him but also dare to disrespect by questioning Him. God sent Jesus to die for our sins so if we believe in Him, we don't have to burn in hell forever.

    John 3:16 - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

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