• Accidental Death of Randy Meisner's Wife

    According to the reports, Randy Meisner was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder. This mood disorder causes violent mood swings and persons with this disorder are not in full control of their emotions. A major altercation to a healthy person, is a minor altercations to a mentally disturbed person. This means that even if Randy was violent, it was probably without intent to harm.

  • Wife of Eagles co-founder death accidental

    The wife of Eagles' co-founder Randy Meisner died in an accidental shooting. Los Angeles Police Department ruled it an accident. Lana Meisner apparently killed herself when a gun went off as she moved it. The LAPD has investigated and have the expertise to rule deaths accidental or something more nefarious.

  • Investigation into shooting death

    The shooting death of Eagles co-founder Randy Meisner is currently being treated as accidental. The official word is that a rifle accidentally fired while being moved around - this does seem like a plausible course of events although it is easy to see the point of view of those who find it suspicious as well.

  • I think it's suspicious

    I don't personally know the couple, but from what the reports say, there was a domestic violence dispute not long before she was shot, but the report to the police said that it involved a BB gun and not a pistol. The husband claimed that she accidentally shot herself, but at the same time, he was found to be acting erratically. His recall of the incident may not be reliable.

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