WikiLeaks claims Ecuador cut off Julian Assange's Internet. Is this too steep a price to pay?

  • People appreciate his work.

    Assange does a public service. He makes governments tell the truth. It is not a secret that even supposedly free societies keep all kinds of secrets from their people. People like that there is a source that forces the governments to expose secrets and be honest with their citizens. Assange shouldn't pay any price for what he does.

  • Assange pays too steep a price

    Julian Assange paid too steep a price by having his Internet service cut off by Ecuador. Although Assange has abused the Internet by improperly leaking documents, cutting him off is equivalent to silencing someone's speech. However, he should be investigated and be extradited from the country in order to face charges in the U.S. and Sweden.

  • Ecuador Hiding Something?

    This is too steep a price to pay. Someone should not be denied internet access just because they're exposing corruption in governments all over the world. This action can lead us to believe that the Ecuadorian government has something they are hiding that they do not want people to know about.

  • No , it's not.

    Julian Assange has become unstable and has been increasingly the amount of mudslinging in an election that is very important without considering a he far reaching consequences. It is hard to tell whether he is a supporter of Trump or is still trying to stick to his principles of revealing the truth when he can.

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