WikiLeaks Oil-Smuggling Emails: Is the Turkish Justice System Hiding Authentic Evidence?

  • Yes I expect they are hiding evidence

    Turkey is known to not be the most trustworthy country, for that reason it is certainly possible that their justice system would be hiding authentic evidence. Of course, that doesn't instantly mean it's true but the WikiLeaks information does appear to be pointing towards that way and it is a shame for a country trying to clean up its act.

  • Yes, it seems so.

    At the end of September 2015 a Turkish Marxist hacking organization, Red Hack, claimed that it has access to almost 20 gigabyte of data from Albayrak's personal email accounts. Information and articles regarding the email's content began to go online, however the Turkish justice system decided against the publication and reproduction of the emails, thus implying their authenticity. The newest accusations that the Turkish government and, specifically, members of Erdogan's family- has an active role in the oil smuggling from areas that are controlled by the “Islamic State”, were between the most important subjects that were temporarily released. The leaking of all the emails from the Turkish energy minister by Wikileaks seem to confirm these allegations.

  • Links between Turkey and Islamic State seem legitimate.

    There have been a number of incredibly serious allegations made against individual Turkish officials and the Turkish government as a whole in the course of the civil war in Syria relating to their involvement and shady support of Islamic fundamentalist groups. This latest allegation, concerning the Energy Minister being listed as the unofficial owner of an oil field under ISIS control, seems to fit the pattern that has already been laid out by the government's previous conduct in Syria.

  • They are corrupt.

    Last year, Turkey staged a fake coup. This was so that the President could get rid of political dissidents. There was no real coup. The Turkish Justice System is part of this corruption. There is no way that they would allow unfavorable evidence to get out to the public who might rise up against it.

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