WikiLeaks release of US diplomatic cables: Can the release avoid jeopardizing lives?

  • Wikileaks puts no one at risk

    The Pentagon and the military top brass have admitted that Bradley Manning's leaks to Wikileaks have put no one in danger, and it's quite possible to leak things and redact personal information about people from them, as Edward Snowden has done. This is a poor argument against leaking information that shines line on abusive government and corporate policies.

  • Wikileaks Released Cables Cannot Avoid Jeopardizing Lives

    No, the WikiLeaks released United States diplomatic cables cannot avoid jeopardizing lives as those cables contain the names and positions of United States' embedded spies, operatives, and diplomats, and those names having been made public knowledge puts them in danger. These types of positions are supposed to remain secret, and the leaked cables only undermines that.

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