WikiLeaks release of US diplomatic cables: Was the exposure of critical infrastructure justified?

  • Freedom of Information

    Full disclosure is demanded upon American citizens, but not its government. Traditionally speaking, when a government fears its population being aware of what it is up to, it doesn’t work out very well for its people. Thomas Jefferson, the architect of the United States of America, understood all too well what happens when a government is allowed to pursue its own agenda without constraint, thus he, and a small group of friends, did their very best to set up a nation that would not suffer from a decadent form of self-corruption through checks and balances, in which the ultimate judge for government behavior would be the people. It is unfortunate, that in the technological edge of society that we live in today that those time told beliefs have been tossed to
    the wind in every-day affairs. It is encouraging, that every once in a while, a truly patriotic American actually does the right thing, such as the people involved in WikiLeaks.

  • Exposure of Critical Infastructure Not Justified

    While I think that WikiLeaks did release a lot of important information, I do not believe that U.S. diplomatic cables leading to the exposure of critical infrastructure was justified. This could harm the safety of many people and is really unnecessary. Pointing out where important buildings and other places important to the operation of society could be dangerous if the information was not public in the first place.

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