• Sadly its true

    I hate hillary clinton and know she will do great harm to this country but it is time to retreat. We lost this one because we dicked around and didnt find a good candidate and let this buffoon represent us ruining or reputation for years to come. I wish we had pulled the plug sooner so maybe we could at least save our reputation.

  • Yes she will.

    Almost every poll has her out ahead, and while her supporters are not as vocal, they appear to be large in number. Not only that, but Guam voted for her by a large margin and they have predicted the outcome in every single election since 1980. The odds are in her favor.

  • Yes, Hilary Clinton will win the presidential election.

    Yes, Hilary Clinton will win the presidential election because she is the most qualified person running. The American people will not fail the country when voting today. Clinton has too many paths to the White House for Trump to catch up. All she needs is to win the states that lean toward her.

  • Barring a catastrophe...

    There is almost nothing that can stop Hillary Clinton from winning the election at this point. Donald Trump has continued to dig himself deeper and deeper into a hole, and people are seeing that, although they may not love Hillary, they cannot possibly vote for him. All the projection maps show Hillary winning easily, and there would have to be a major shakeup at this point to change that.

  • Yes, she will.

    I believe that Hilary Clinton will win the presidential elections. This is because of the updates i am following on the news. As per now, she is way above Donald Trump an d therefore i believe that she will win the elections in the end. Hilary Clinton is a potential leader.

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