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  • Hopefully Not, I Wish This Had a "Maybe" Option

    No one can really say for sure. But we certainly should NOT. The United States has no moral legitimacy in this. The United States continues with the United Kingdom in the expulsion of a peaceful island people, the Chagossians who were expelled in the early 1970s because the US insisted on it when they leased a military base from the United Kingdom. This runs counter to UN human rights treaties and basic human decency. Let everyone is completely silent about it. For what ever reason even maverick politicians refuse to bring this issue up. The Libertarian and Green Parties don't even say anything about it. The US's typical adversaries on the world stage i.e. Russia, China, Iran don't even raise this issue during negotiations to point out US hypocrisy. Where is the outrage?

  • The year of action?

    People are always claiming that they know when certain life changing things will happen. Whether it's political assumptions as to who will win an election, or it's claiming that the world will end, peopl;e always pretend to be the next Nosferatu. However, I don't claim to be that person. I certainly think that it is entirely possible if tensions continue to rise that it will come to some boiling point that may end in a nuclear threat, but I don't see it being a serious threat quite yet.

  • I doubt it!

    President Obama states that he is trying to withdraw troop from Afghanistan and the Middle East. We have been fighting a war that should have ended when we executed Osama Bin Laden. This war is what I believe started our bad economic status here in the United States. I am sick of war, and I believe the American public is also sick of war.

  • The American people are sick of war

    The Bush administration with its forays into Afghanistan and Iraq have left thousands of Americans dead, tens of thousands of Iraqi and Afghans dead, and have directly lead to the economic crisis from which we are still recovering. It is doubtful the American people would stand for anything close to military involvement in the middle east while the economy recovers at home.

    It is also doubtful the Israelis will intervene as they cannot do so without US approval, and president Obama is unlikely to give the go ahead.

    Posted by: SMT

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