• The Way of the Future

    Just like any other technology, as long as the price comes down, 3-D printers will be available to all people in the future. Most companies that create products would like to be able to ship items in design form to consumers, who could then print the object at home, saving great costs. While certain items could be legislated against, it is the way of the future.

  • Accessible 3-D Printers

    3-D printers will become accessible to everyone one day in the near future. These new 3-D printers are not known by everyone just yet, but with it's rapid popularity growth these printers are making headway. Everyone will soon have this technology and it will be wanted by thousands for both personal and business purposes.

  • Yes, 3-D printers are already available to majority of the population.

    Currently 3-D printers are already available to the majority of the population. 3-D printers that have the capability to print in metal are still a long way off being in general use, but are already in use for JITP (just in time printing) of critical low demand parts in the automotive and aerospace industries.

  • Yes, I believe 3-D printers will be accessible to everyone someday.

    3-D printers have already passed the "crazy new technology" phase and have become "oh, yeah 3-D printers, what about them?". They're no longer this brand new thing, they're more common place and people are getting access to them, so I think that soon you will be able to just go buy one like you can a regular printer.

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