• Yes, and they've already come close

    3D printers have already come close to making actual guns. Several people have recently created gun like weapons with them already. It is just a matter of time, as 3D technology continues to expand into new territory and becomes more and more perfected, that someone will print an actual, functioning gun.

  • They already do.

    Yes, 3D printers will be able to make real guns, because that is already something they can do. 3D printers are quite amazing in the technology that they have. This produces a problem, because there is no way to know how many guns that have been made this way are out there, and there is no way to register them.

  • Yes, without a doubt.

    Yes, I believe 3D printers will one day make real, functioning guns. I do not believe that day is very far off. I believe we are very near to having the technology to do this now, but there will be legal battles and hurdles over how to regulate it. The next question you have to ask is just how sophisticated a gun will a 3D printer be capable of producing?

  • 3D printers are different from guns

    There is always a fear out there that certain items made could lead to other problems in the future. But people who make 3D printers should not be associated with people who are going to manufacturer ammunition to do harm to people. Real guns are still made on a different level.

  • No I doubt it.

    I do not think that 3d printers will ever be able to make a real gun. I do not feel like that is something the government would be for and be able to back. It would be too dangerous for someone like a child to get a hold of it.

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