• TOO Much Porn

    4chan has a lot of porn. I see very few constructive pictures on 4chan and I think it will fail. Everybody knows that if you want to find a picture, you go to bing or google. If you're looking for a picture and you can't find it go to Yahoo Answers. It has a much larger base and is generally more reliable for what you are looking for.

  • 4chan will not fail.

    The amount of new users on 4chan every week shows no current signs of peaking. The diversity of the boards ensures everyone will find content relative to them on the website. Also given the publicity of the shenanigans of the /b/ board on other parts of the Internet, it can be implied that even more traffic will be generated in the future.

  • 4chan won't fail.

    4chan is some sort of mythical magic that will never actually go away. The users of 4Chan are too resilient and too smart to just vanish like Drawquest. Maybe one day in the far distant future they will get shut down or something, but not of their own accord will they go.

  • The government needs to step in.

    No, 4chan will not fall like Drawquest, because there are too many people who have large vested interests in the illegal activity that goes on on 4chan to let it fail easily. With so many people so ingrained on 4chan, the government really needs to step in and stop the terrible things that go on on that site.

  • 4chan will not fail like Drawquest

    4chan will not fail like Drawquest. This is because of the fact that 4chan has too huge of a frequenter population.The knowledge of 4chan is so wide that most people will know what you are talkinga bout if you reference it. However, most people have never heard of Drawquest at all.

  • 4Chan Won't Fall

    4Chan is too popular to fail anytime soon. Millions of people visit the site every day, and new controversies pop up on a regular basis. With that in mind, it's not going to suffer the same fate as Drawquest. There's no reason to suspect that 4Chan will die off in the near future.

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