Will 9942 Apophis likely hit us in April 14th, 2029?

Asked by: YoYoYo2017
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  • Could be later?

    Apophis is not likely to hit Earth during the 2029 close encounter, As current trajectories that NASA and other space organizations across the globe have already done research for this. But, There is an even greater possibility of Apophis colliding with Earth during the 2036 close encounter. However, Apophis would have to enter a small area in space to collide with Earth on a new trajectory. So, 2029 collision with Apophis is not likely, And a 2036 Apophis collision may be more likely, But still, It is an extremely small possibility.

  • I doubt it.

    My hope is that we have the technology to defend the Earth from a huge meteor like this one if the situation arises, which it isn't predicted to. NASA could probably find a way to deflect the meteor or at least reduce the size of it. Maybe the world should work together to try to find a solution.

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