Will a belief in god be seen as form of madness in the future?

Asked by: Contejour
  • The middle east conflict has to be a product of a belief in a God.

    The Western Civilisation has sprung from a Christian Religion that was invented by the Romans in the 5th Cent.A.D.They did that because they saw that love was more powerful than hate.Now that science has opened our eyes we should forget the gods & if we need to worship something why not the Sun,Moon & the Earth(Gaia.)

  • Beliefs which have no rational basis are generally accepted as a form of insanity. Why should religion be treated differently?

    Children are expected to grow out of magical thinking and to learn to test their beliefs against reality. An adult that still believes in the tooth fairy for example, is seen as a bit odd. But, if they were to create a whole religion around this belief, they would probably be seen as more acceptable by society. Why? Is it simply because a shared delusion is more acceptable? Perhaps that is all religion is. Making a habit of thinking irrationally though is very dangerous. In my opinion, Religion is just institutionalised madness. Maybe the drug companies should develop a drug to prevent it? Perhaps that is what will happen in the future? Here, take this tablet, it will stop you believing that there is a higher power controlling the universe.

  • No, but those who answered Yes are already suffering from madness

    Imagine someone so debilitated that they actually believe That virtually the entire population of world history past present and future are insane but lil ole them are normal.
    How these weirdos don't see they're abnormal, of course, should not be a surprise but to sincerely believe that our knowledge of God is something that can changed by more of their crazy ideas is bat **** crazy. Dont even know atheism has only a 17% retention rate ? Hahaha. Just how dumb to have to be to not even be aware that the overwhelming majority of fools who proclaim there's no God end up praying He'll forgive them for it? Dumb as dirt

  • A belief in god will not be seen as form of madness in the future.

    There are many definitions of religion and god, and simply believing in a divine being will never constitute a mental illness. Genuine delusions are complex psychological conditions, and only a doctor can make these diagnoses. People should be more tolerant of other people's beliefs and not slur them as crazy or insane.

  • No, but it does depend.

    If depends if God is proved to be real or not. Based on recent findings of Godel's model, we seem to be reaching a verdict that God could actually be real. If Godel is proven correct, then the answer is no. If not, then it depends of scientific findings in the future.

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Redmoon says2013-10-24T10:23:37.157
I dont know nor do i care what others think of my belief in Christ