• Most people will die before they pay off their loans let alone retire.

    I believe most people will not be able to retire because of all the loans we have to take out for educational purposes and all the debt we acquire with our homes. A few lucky people will be able to save and invest and keep money so they can stop working but most people will be working until they die.

  • No, The majority of people will not be able to retire.

    The majority of people will not be able to retire because the cost of living is too expensive. Even before retirement, most people struggle with making ends meet because they are living pay check to pay check. Someone who retires will live on a fixed income, for example social security. If there is no other income, than they will probably live in poverty.

  • No, they will not.

    Most people have very little saved for retirement and some are relying on social security which may not exist in the same way in the future. Of the people who invest many of them are way too risk averse to ever see any substantial gains. Most people are in dire straits in regard to their retirement.

  • No, the economy has been in recession so long that this generation of working people won't be able to afford a retirement plan.

    No, I do not believe that the working people in the current day and age will ever see their retirement. The economy in the United States has made it very difficult to save money because of the effects of the war on terror from 2001. Even though the troops have been evacuated, there are still long-lasting damages couple along with a growing majority of unemployed and laid off workers.

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