Will a new drug found to make teeth grow back be a economic set back for the dental industry?

  • This drug would be an economic set back for the dental industry

    Creating a drug that helps people grow back teeth would be an economic setback to anyone in the dental industry that creatures dentures or similar apparatuses for the mouth. They would lose any income from creating a set of teeth and the upkeep involved in those teeth. It sounds great to grow back teeth, but the dental industry would suffer.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    It's changing radically. My dentist now has a 3D printer that makes fillings and crowns. This means he can drill only minimally, because when the printer is done with the filling, it will be a perfect fit. It takes about half the time as a standard filling. When it comes to crowns, it's wonderful. He can make the crown on-site and install it the same day. It's amazing. I love it.

  • There are always problems.

    There are a lot of ways that people use the dental industry, other than just filling cavities. There are people who have dental injuries and need emergency services. There are other people who need orthodontic services. There are plenty of other ways for a person to need to go to a dentist.

  • A new drug that makes teeth grow back will not be an economic setback for the dental industry

    A new drug that makes teeth grow back will not be an economic setback for the dental industry; rather, it should be an economic boone for the industry. Think about it for a moment, this is a whole new way of approaching dentistry. It will create innovative approaches to dental work and give rise to new manufacturing and jobs.

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