• Yes, I believe that a number one seed will win the NCAA.

    Yes, I believe that a number one seed will win the NCAA because the number one seeded teams are battle-tested and have the personnel to win a NCAA championship. Although teams like Michigan State, Oklahoma and Kentucky also have a chance at winning the championship because of the talent on the team, I am confident that a number one seeded team will come out on top when the dust settles.

  • The number one seeds have the easiest path to the Final Four.

    The number one seeds are the top four teams in the country, so they are the most talented. They also have the easiest path to the Final Four, going up against the lowest seeds in the tournament. This does not necessarily mean that a number one seed will definitely win, but a number one seed has a better chance than the lower seeds.

  • It is most likely

    The number one seed winning the tournament is the most likely outcome, they are the number one seed for a reason, they are/were the best in their specific division for the season. However, they play the tournament for a reason, because all teams who are in the tournament are there because they are among the best, and on any given day, any team can beat any other team.

  • It usually happens

    Statistically, a number one seed is most likely to win the NCAA tournament, and in this year's case, there is a big difference in the number one teams and everyone else. Personally, I think that North Carolina has enough cohesion that they will win over everyone else. The number one teams have their rankings for a reason and I think it's most likely that the odds will stay in place and one of them will prevail.

  • Michigan State University

    The Spartans have great scoring coming from Denzel Valentine and a solid defense. Although Michigan State was put in a tough region i see know reason why they cant compete and win the tournament. The Spartans are rough around the edges but are still better than one of the number one seeds (Oregon)

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